10 Best websites to download free stock photos for blog

When someone comes to our blog, the first thing that attracts their attention is images. So, bloggers use photos to make the blog attractive. People who upload their photographs don’t have to find photos, but some people do not have their photos, due to which they have to search for free stock photos on the net.

There are many websites from which you will get stock photos for your blog, but not all websites are free, on some websites you will have to pay to use their photos.

Stock photos make blog beautiful and increase the value of your content. There are some limitations for free stock photos that selling or redistribution of photos is not allowed. You can use photos for personal use but you can’t use it for commercial purposes.

Before using any photo, the blog checks its license agreement so, you don’t face any trouble after uploading it.

Check properly that the stock photo is free to use or not and any type of editing can be done in the photo. The condition of some stock photo website is that if you use their photo in your blog, then you have to give credit to the photographer under the photo.

Download Best free stock photo websites

1. Unsplash

On Unsplash you get large collections of photos in all categories. To search easy photos are well categorized. To find photo search options is best to enter your keyword and you get a list of thousands of photos.

Photos on Unsplash are of high quality because of which they attract the user’s attention. When searching the image on Unsplash, you may see some images that you have seen in some other blogs, so while searching, use the long tail keyword so that you get a unique image because google loves those blogs which have unique images.


2. Pixabay

Pixabay is a community of extremely talented photographers. Here you find millions of photos under CC license. CC means a creative commons license that is for public use. On pixabay, you get millions of high definition images, thousands of vectors, and illustrations work.

unlike Shutterstock, you don’t have to pay money to download images from Pixabay. Shutterstock is the most famous website for stock photos but to can’t download images from Shutterstock for free, you have to buy their subscription plan but Pixabay is free to use.


3. Pexels

Another well-known website to download free stock photos for your blog. All images on pixels are royalty-free. It has a different search option that makes it easy to use this website. You can select the orientation of photos from horizontal or vertical. Here you find different download options according to image quality.


4. Stokpic

Ed Gregory is the founder of topic. This is a less popular site, so you will find many such photos that have not been used on other blogs. They regularly update their database with new photos. I like its latest 100 photos section where you get 100 recently updated photos.


5. Picjumbo

It is a fast-growing site that has no shortage of photos. This site is a good choice for web developers. The owner of picjumbo had the idea that not everyone can afford paid photos and waste their time searching for free photos. While designing the category section, special care has been taken that people do not have any problem in searching for the photo and they can get the photo easily without spending time.


6. New old stock

If you want old vintage style photos for your blog, then this site is a great option for you. On this, you will get vintage photos in black and white style, which you can use on your blog without spending any money. There are not many photos here because not everyone uses vintage photos in their blog. You may have to compromise with the quality of some photos.


7. Pickup image

If you do not find a photo of your choice on another website, then you can search on the Pickup image. Here also a lot of options for photos, from which you can select the photo of your choice. Like other websites, it is not very popular, fewer people know about it, so the content of your blog will look different from the photo taken from here.


8. PhotoPin

The user interface of this site is very simple. When you open it, on the starting screen, you see a big search option which makes it easy to use. This site fetches all your photos from Flickr and all the photos are free and comes under cc license, which can be used in blogs or presentations. If you want to give credit to the photographer, you get the attribution code on the site, which you can paste on your blog.


9. Stockvault

It will be known from the name of the site that it is built for the stock photo. This site is famous among bloggers for high-quality images. Here you will not only get photos but apart from that, you will get many more things like textures, background, vector images, and more.


10. Barn images

Last site on the list but not less than others. A simple and intuitive design. I use this site sometimes to find images for my blog. High-quality images in low file size is a plus point for bran images. Not a big database of images but whatever you find would be different from other stock image download sites.


Final words

So now stop wasting your time on google to search for free images for websites. These 10 sites for stock photos are my personal favorite to download images. Whatever is your need these sites always give you your photo as a result. Besides blog photos from these sites can be used to create presentations or use on social media like

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