Whenever we look for cool t-shirt designs online, you will have a wide variety of options to choose from. However, sometimes you just cannot find that design you want online.

Many outfits will claim to do t-shirt printing online, but you just cannot seem to trust any of those and you decide to get it printed on your own! Worry not, in this piece we’re going to share 5 awesome tips for getting the coolest t-shirt designs printed for you to carry your style in swag. Bringing your idea to life will be much simpler and smoother once you incorporate these pointers.

Half-Tone Print

In a conventional Tshirt printing job, the majority of work is done via “spot colors” designs. In this mode, the screens used have different sized holes for the ink to pass onto the fabric, in a consistent pattern. This strategy works best for clear cut basic designs. However, if you’re one of the ones who like to carry art with a little emotional and design depth, the correct mode of printing involves something called “half-tone” printing. To explain a bit further, in half-tone print the screen used to print designs has holes for the ink to pass through that are consistently sized, but with a variation in the placements. The dots are clustered together in the darker section of the image and more dispersed in the lighter sections. This is a great tool for introducing tonal variation in the designs.


Photo printing might turn out to be a tedious task but truth be known, artwork, simplified versions of images might not be tumultuous to deal with. In addition to being easy on your pocket and simpler to print, artwork designs add a little bit of flavor and originality to the merch. Doing so just amps up the legitimacy of your design also adds your personal touch to a cult following.

For exact reproduction, DTG or Direct To Garment approach might work in the best way for you. However, if you still wish to get a replica without the DTG approach, you can utilize the half-tone method explained above.


A 3D puff just adds that bit of dazzle and shimmer to your apparel that separates your style from the pack.. 3D puff, in essence, a chunky material that can be positioned as a logo or design on your apparel. It is a bold, in-your-face approach and could be an ideal way to create a playful brand image.

Screen Print on Inside Neck

Personalization for apparels knows no bounds and adding your labels to it is a great way to accomplish it. However, for smaller orders (500 or less) it is to use woven patterns, you can check out some TShirt Printing in Delhi outfits but it is highly unlikely that they will be of any help either. The solution to the problem can be accomplished however, by using screen printing inside the neck of the t-shirts instead. This is easily doable for small scale orders while helping you maintain that out-of-the-box style that distinguishes you from others.

Classy Embroidery

Embroidery is always a go-to option for making eye-catchy apparel and indeed adding a touch of class and finesse to your clothing. Generally speaking, many people would associate embroidery with baseball caps and such, however, many people end up overlooking the fact that they can be fashioned extremely well with custom T-shirts as well. This can blend well if in case, you have a logo that is small in size and minimal in nature.

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We understand that if you’re new to the game of T-shirt printing, it can feel overwhelming to take in all of this information and act into making your first custom design. There are a lot of moving parts to this game and suddenly you might be overcome with a sense that your idea to promote custom tees is much more complex than you first pictured.

However, you must remember, the best thing about custom t-shirts is freedom. Everything is up to your whims and wishes, the design, the thickness of the cloth, the labels, everything!  The opportunity to create something unique befalls you which can be exclusive for a select few who know how to appreciate true art!

We hope with this extended guide we were able to open up an honest conversation about how we can help with prospective orders and can also help you identify the ways and means by which you can bring your amazing t-shirt idea to life. Of course, if you choose to go your own way, we hope these well-rounded 5 tips were helpful. Get designing and show off your creativity and apparel design skills to the world!

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