Adventure Games For Girls – Best Indoor Games For Girls

Playing games seem to be the best way to pass the time. In today’s life, we come across many games not only on ground games but also on online games, which are available both on android and iOS. These can be considered adventure games for girls, which can be enjoyed at any time.

List of adventure games for girls.

There are various games which you can enjoy with friends and others alone. They can be offline online, ranging from outdoor and indoor games. Various online games are of varied nature, and some of them you may like and enjoy; others may not excite you; as these are adventure games for girls, it doesn’t mean boys can’t play them.

Online Games/Indoor Games

The favorite past time is playing games for most of us, and with the modernization, in technology, we have several games which you can enjoy playing online. These vary in different sizes and interests varying from makeup, cooking, dressing. So, there is a list of adventure games for girls to play online. With this, they get an opportunity to play with friends or even alone. List of online adventure games for girls-

Candy Crush

adventure games for girls candy crush
Candy Crush is the best games for girls.

This is an amazing time passing game that you can play on your mobile phones. Its is one of the top-rated game famous among everyone where you can, Switch and match Candies in this tasty puzzle adventure and go to the next level for that sweet, captivating feeling! Here you can solve puzzles with quick thinking and smart moves and be rewarded with delicious rainbow-colored cascades and tasty candy combos, and at the same time, you can compete with the people playing it on the same level all around.

No of downloads– 2,97,18,252+

Cost – free

Size– 29MB (candy crush saga)


adventure games for girls - township

This the game township, which gives you exposure to field works; here, you grow, earn, and expand. You can also build your dream town and design it; at the same time, you can harvest crops at the farms, process them at facilities, and sell the goods to develop your town. Trade with other countries through ships. You can also open restaurants, cinemas, and other community buildings to give life and patter to your town. And explore and dig the mine to get resources and find ancient artifacts.

No of downloads- 79,59,300+


Size- 147MB

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Among Us

adventure games for girls among us

One of the most popular games where you can find adventure and enjoy yourself with your friends. It is one of the best adventures game for girls as well as boys. You can play this with 5-10 players where you attempt to prepare your spaceship for departure and have to beware as one will be an impostor bent on killing everyone! And other Crewmates can win by completing all tasks or discovering and voting the impostor off the ship. The Impostor has powers so that they can use sabotage to cause chaos, making for easier kills.

No of downloads- 100,000,000+


Size– 4MB

COD- Call Of Duty

adventure games for girls cod

The customizable controls, voice and text chat, and thrilling 3D graphics and sound. Girls, you can experience the thrill of the world’s well-known shooter game. Here in this game, you can enjoy yourself with your known once and as well as with the unknown player. This provides you with the best graphic effects and exciting; it’s actually an adventure game for girls who like thrilling games.

No of downloads- 100,000,000+

Cost-free on phone

Size– 1.9GB

Bubble Shooter

bubble shoot

The most enjoyable games among girls or you can say adventure games for girls. It is also known for stress-busting. In this game, you need to match the color and shoot the bubbles, thereby and earns points! Also, you win exciting gifts by which you can unlock the fun parts of games.

No of downloads- 50,000,000+

Cost-free on phone

Size- 57B



This is one of the most famous games of all time you can now enjoy online with your friends at a distance, and also you can play with any random player. This is mostly considered adventure games for girls, which they can play with their family and friends. To play this with friends, you can easily download Ludo king from the play store and enjoy the famous game of all time.

No of downloads – 100,000,000+

Cost-free on phone

Size- 6MB

Angry Birds

adventure games for girls - angry bird

The most exciting bird game you can play by teaming up with your friends, climbing the leaderboard, and creating a score to gather coins and take on challenges thereby. This is a famous adventure game among girls. You can easily download this amazing game from the google play store.

No of downloads– 54,77,637

Cost-free on phone

Size- 1.9GB

Cooking Fever

cooking fever

This is one of the adventure games for girls who love to cook. With a wide choice of exclusive locations of restaurants, of Desserts and Fast Food of different cuisines, you can practice your skills in various settings and cooking methods. Use delicious ingredients for cooking the best quality dishes. You can also try all the possible kitchen appliances, from coffee, rice cookers to pizza ovens and popcorn makers. Here you have to deco store your restaurants to attract more clients. Make your own cookies or cupcakes to make your customers just like in real life! Also, you can upgrade your kitchen by unlocking machines and dishes.

No of downloads- 100,000,000+

Cost-free on phone

Size– 106M

Wedding Cake Game -Girl Games

adventure games for girls wedding cake game

This is an adventure game for girls, as it brings to you can cake decorating options. You can decorate your cake in different shapes, sizes, color, and patterns. You can achieve points and then unlock the different themes to decorate your cake with a personalized touch. You can all take part in tournaments taking place within the game. The best baking game which you can enjoy.

No of downloads- 1,000,000+

Cost-free on phone

Size- 37MB

Princess Dress Up

adventure games for girls princess dressup

If you are interested in dress up and makeup, then these stunning princesses are just waiting for you to give amazing makeovers and new wonderful dressups! It’s your game to decide princesses look whether it should be trendy, fancy, stylish, royal, casual? Here you must use your fashion sense and your internal talent to create the best outfit for each princess in our new store.

No of downloads– 1,12,48,718+

Cost-free on phone

Size- 84M

Fruit Ninja

fruit ninja

This is a famous fun game and also adventure games for girls as well for boys. It is available to you in three modes, slicing the fruits in a freeze before the boom explores. Also, Experience the thrill of setting a new high score in the fan-favorite Arcade mode as you dodge bombs and slice combos with the help of the special Double Score.

No of downloads- 53,06,420+

Cost-free on phone

Size- Varies with device

Subway Suffers

adventure games for girls subway suffers

One of the adventure games for girls whereby you run over trains and collect points in the air and on the ground, collect the booster to enhance speed and collect more points. Also, at the same time, beware of being caught. Make new records to rank up on the headboard.  It is exciting to participate in the events and complete the daily task to unlock the new character.

No of Downloads- 1,000,000,000+

Cost-free on phone


Snapchat Games


A well-known app snap chat is a socializing app where you can interact with your friends and family. It provides you the option of using various camera effects with other activities, which is popular among girls. This app now provides you with an option of games too! It’s a well know platform as it provides various adventure games for girls and even for boys.

No of downloads– 1,000,000,000+

Cost – free on phone

Size- 64MB

Temple Run

adventure games for girls temple run

The adventure games for girls and boys as in this, you stole the temple’s cursed idol. Now you have to run for your life from the Evil Demon Monkeys nipping at your heels. Test your reflexes as you race down ancient temple walls.  Turn, jump and slide to avoid obstacles, collect coins and buy power-ups, unlock new characters, make new records, unlock the new maps, and explore the adventure girls!

No of downloads- 500,000,000+

Cost-free on phone

Size- 42MB

Spot The Difference

adventure games for girls

Girls are exhausted from playing dull games and looking for something exciting, challenging, and adventures. Then this fantastic Find the Difference games are the best option for you. The themes game is designed to catch the attention of the players within no time. The super-quality images, appropriate background, well-designed objects make this Spot the Difference game more entertaining.

No of downloads- 500,000+

Cost-free on phone

Size- 26M

Cooking Madness

adventure games for girls cooking madness

Explore your cooking and management skills. If you are interested in cooking, then this is a good game for you as it is one of the best adventure games for girls. Also, here girls, you need to cope with time, serve your customers, and decorate your restaurants to attract more clients. Make your own cookies or cupcakes to make your clienteles just like in real life! Also, you can upgrade your kitchen by unlocking machines and dishes.

No of Downloads- 50,000,000+

Cost-free on phone

Size- 110MB

The Powerpuff Girls

poweruff girls

The most famous cartoon charters which catch your attention girls now are ready to present you with adventure games for girls, i.e., this cartoon-based game is really amazing for you. Here cruel Mojo has again released his latest creation, a machine that will crack all of humanity into chattering monkeys! The Powerpuff Girls are ready to stop him. You here have to fly to all four corners of the earth and defeat gang monkey threats under Mojo. You have to use special controls and bonuses to go toe to toe with the furious monkey and protect the citizens.

No of downloads– 5,000,000+

Cost-free on phone

Size- 27MB

Offline Games/ Outdoor Game

There are several games for your girls that you can enjoy when you are with friends or have fun. These games are on physical games that will help you get entertained and pass your time with friends. So here is the list of some offline games adventure games for girls to play and stay fit.



One of the famous sports and also adventures game for girls. This can be played as an evening time game, not necessarily at a professional level but to enjoy. This game is a fun time game that takes care of your fitness as well. You can play this with 2 or 4 people.

Truth & dare

truth or dare

When of the very famous games of all time for all ages. This game you enjoy with your friends and family, look upon their secrets, and give them numbers of tasks to perform. This is the best adventure game for girls to play in free time and reveal the secrets of your darlings. You can enjoy this game with snacks at parties or at home. Although now, this is available online also. You need more than 4 people to play this game.

Hide and Seek

adventure games for girls hide and seek

This game is famous for ages and still is enjoyed among people, making it an adventure game for girls in which you can play with your friends at random times. This an easy game in which a player closes her eyes for a brief period while the other players hide. The seeker then opens his eyes and tries to search for the hiders. Also, sometimes the hiders have to run back to “home base,” Meanwhile, the seeker is away looking for them; if all of the hiders return safely, the seeker repeats as a seeker in the next round. You need min 3-4 people to play.

Blind Man’s Bluff

Blind man's buff

This is an adventure game for girls as in this one player has to blindfold and then mixed-up by being spun around. Meanwhile, the other players, who are not blindfolded, calls her out to the “blind man” and then dodging away from her.

Dumb Charades

adventure games for girls dumb charades

This is a famous adventure game for girls as well as boys. It’s one of the well-known games which is played at gathering and family functions. You can enjoy this game as in it two teams play, and then one team is required to give a movie to a member of another team, then that person needs to act the movie name without speaking, and her team members have to guess it within a specific time which make it a lot more fun to play.

So, there are some games which one can enjoy staying at home or by going out. These are some of the adventure games for girls. Here was the wisely chosen list of games that will surely help you and help you play the game of your interest and choice. I hope this list of adventure games for girls is useful for you.

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