Benefits of digital marketing for business growth

In recent times we have been able to see digital marketing taking over the world. People all around us are using various information that they received digitally. first, we’d like to know what digital marketing is. Any form of marketing that exists on the digital platform is called digital marketing.

In the twenty-first century, the need to make your market digital is very important to keep up with the ever-growing competition.  In this era, marketers need to use all the tools available to them at their disposal to target the audience that would be interested in the products they wish to sell. It is a good means of expanding your business quickly and efficiently.

Benefits of digital marketing
Benefits of digital marketing

Digital marketing has become very important in recent times as it doesn’t only work in the favor of the marketers but does work in favor of the consumers as well.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of digital marketing

OPPORTUNITY TO GROW FOR SMALL BUSINESSES – Earlier for a business to get their product marketed was a very big deal, the whole point of digital marketing is to reach an audience at a lesser cost than the budget that is set by them.

Earlier the small business had to settle with the marketing methods that did not guarantee success. According to the statistics, thirty-two percent of small businesses invest in social media only, twenty-five percent are investing in digital marketing and seventeen percent are investing in search engine optimization (SEO).

LARGER CONVERSION RATE – Conversion rate means the percentage of visitors to your website who were able to fulfill their desired goal from the total number of visitors to your website. The higher the conversion rate, the higher is the success. Increasing the conversion rate is known as conversion rate optimization. The small businesses that use digital marketing can measure their conversion rate.

This means that they can measure the number of visitors who turned into leads then to subscribers and eventually purchasers of the product or the service. Social media marketing is a great way to increase conversion rates as they generate quick and easy communication channels with consumers. Social media is a platform that is very useful to marketers to target the audience that would be interested in their products.

Social media is a relatively new addition to marketing, here you can use Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Gmail, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google + etcetera to promote your product. The traffic however that you receive on your website may not be useful hence digital marketing helps you in reaching the consumer in need of your product or services.

MAKING AND MAINTAINING A REPUTATION – For any business large or small, one thing that needs to be paid attention to is the reputation of the business. It is a widely known fact that customers are always attracted to and tend to rely on companies that don’t have a scandalous background. The rapport that one has with the customers is of the utmost importance. A good rapport helps the company is standing out among the competitors and acts as a major factor in getting chosen over them.

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ADDRESSING CUSTOMER QUERIES – The best way to solve the problems of your consumer is through online live chat, this can be done through video calls or even chat. Your social media page can be converted into a page that is used as a medium by the consumers to clear any queries that they may have and this is also an excellent way to get suggestions to make our product or service better.

COMMUNICATION WITH MOBILE CUSTOMERS – The people these days all have access t their respective smartphones and thus they search for the products or services they require on it, for this almost all websites are constructed in a way that they are easily viewed by the consumers on their smartphones.

FAITH IN THE BRAND – Once your brand or service is available on multiple platforms it is easier for the customers to be able to rate the product or service that is provided by you. Once your product or service has a lot of positive reviews they help in expanding the faith in your product or service. This helps in creating a very strong image for your product or service and thus also helps in increasing the number of consumers.

BETTER ROI –  ROI refers to the rate of investment. Even small investments that are done through email marketing have the potential to yield endless results.

PROVIDING COST EFFICIENCY – Small businesses don’t have a good budget initially and thus they need some time to be able to attract customers and thus be able to earn money. Digital marketing provides a great medium for you to interact and target the audience that you may need.

Social media helps in this.

1 )Social media is the fastest way to spread a message (faster than even T.V or radio), if your fan base big your message can instantly reach thousands of people who follow your social media account. In some cases, some products/services of a small business once shared by someone with a large number of followers on their social media accounts help the small business in informing people about their business, products, and services thus attracting customers.

2) Social media helps one in connecting to people no matters what their location is. There are no geographical boundaries when it comes to promoting your products/services online, a person sitting in Delhi can very well have access to the products/services that are being promoted by a business based in Bangalore. This is a very helpful technique in increasing the reach of the products/ services of the respective businesses.

3) Social media accounts are free of cost and thus don’t cost one even a penny to make an account, unlike other digital marketing tools. This helps in creating a page for your business, targeting the audience, connect with the customers, learn their interests, receive feedback, make necessary corrections, and make the necessary updates.

This helps small businesses which do not have a lot of resources and credits to put into promoting their products, since creating social media accounts is free of cost it helps them in achieving their target of promoting their products free of cost.

CONCLUSION – The future of digital marketing seems to be very bright according to us. The competition however due to the internet has increased as now the fight is among the entire internet. Surviving has become harder due to this but with a good marketing strategy that shows what unique things you have. This gives reasons for the customer to trust and rely on you thus helping you gain more and more customers.

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