Career Choices after 12

I hope all of my 12 pass outs friends, reading this article are happy with their results and are, therefore, looking forward to jumping into their future courses. And I know choosing careers after 12 is not at all an easy task.

This Corona pandemic has all the more served purposes of icing on the cake, making it even tougher for students to decide what to do. With a delay in admission processes of all the higher educational institutes, students are in more dilemma.

Well, are you feeling at your wit’s ends and not able to literally decide anything? Don’t worry, I’ll make the process very simple for you. But before starting it, I suggest you go through my previous article- CBSE Class 12 Result Out: Details and Discussion.

In this article, I have tried to mention all the major career options available to a student after he passes his 12th class. Whether you are from a science background, or commerce, or arts, this article is exclusively for you! But make sure you read it till the end to get a fair idea of all that I want to convey. So, here it is.

1.Careers after 12 SCIENCE

A student with a science background has, generally, more career options after 12 as compared to the commerce or humanities’ students. This is because of two reasons- First, science itself is a vast field with immense scopes, and Second, science students can opt for all those careers that commerce and arts students can.

Now, the Science stream is further divided into two sub-streams:-(A) With Maths(PCM/PCMB) and (B) Without Maths(PCM). There are different options for both these sub-streams.

(A)Careers after 12 PCM/PCMB (With Math)

  • Engineering: This is the most famous and accepted option among PCM students. Engineering is a professional degree. One can pursue B.Tech/B.E. in a field of their choice and earn an engineering degree. The popular engineering fields are:
    ▪︎Computer Science Engineering
    ▪︎Information Technology
    ▪︎Mechanical Engineering
    ▪︎Electronics and Communication Engineering
    ▪︎Instrumentation and Control Engineering
    ▪︎Civil Engineering
    ▪︎Aeronautical Engineering
    ▪︎Automobile Engineering
    ▪︎Electrical Engineering
    ▪︎Chemical Engineering
    ▪︎Electrical and Electronics Engineering
    ▪︎Marine Engineering
    ▪︎Nuclear Engineering
    The scope in engineering is good but is decreasing day by day due to high competition in the field. Almost 1.5 million engineers are produced in India every year! (Compare the number with the jobs available and you’ll understand what I’m trying to say.)                                                                                                                    But that doesn’t mean the field is not good. It’s indeed a great field, you can earn a lot of bucks provided you have the required skills and interests, also it depends on the institute you are taking a degree from. (IIT’s are a top preference.)                                                                                                                                                    In nutshell, choose this field only if your interests permit. And if not, don’t panic. There are many more options for you. Come along!
  • Architecture: (B.Arch) The field has a good future scope. So, if planning, designing, drawings, etc. excite you, don’t hesitate to take up this field. Because you are made for it!
  • Bachelor of Sciences(BSc): You can pursue BSc. in any of the subjects- Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, or BSc. Non-medical as well. If you are research-oriented or are planning your future in the shoes of teachers and professors, just go for it.
  • Defense
  • Merchant Navy
  • Statistics
  • Fashion Technology
  • Hotel Management
  • Diploma in multiple disciplines
  • Business Administration and Management Studies: BMS(Bachelor of Management Studies), BBA(Bachelor of Business Administration).
  • Also, you can opt for a graduation course in any language.
  • BA- Bachelor of Arts in multiple disciplines.

(B)Careers after 12 PCM (Without Math)

  • MBBS- Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. Most famous and usually the first preference of students with PCM.
  • BHMS- Bachelor of Homeopathy Medicine and Surgery. Becoming famous and has a good national and international scope.
  • BDS- Bachelor of Dental Surgery. Most sought-after course, only next to MBBS.
  • BAMS- Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery
  • BUMS- Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery
  •  Nursing
  • BPT- Bachelor in Physiotherapy
  • BSc Courses in Physics, Chemistry(but only in limited institutes). Most of the institutes have Maths in eligibility criteria for admission to these courses.
  •  Agriculture/ Horticulture
  • BSc AH(Animal Husbandry)- Bachelor of Veterinary Sciences
  •  Biotechnology
  •  Microbiology
  •  Bio-Chemistry
  • B.Pharm– Bachelor in Pharmacy
  • BSc Environmental Science
  • BFSc– Bachelor in Fisheries Sciences
  • BSc MLT– Bachelor in Medical Technology
  •  Radiography
  •  Food Technology
  •  Botany/ Zoology/ Anthropology
  •  Home Science
  •  Rehabilitation Therapy
  •  Audiology
  •  Occupational Therapists
  •  Nutrition and Dietetics

**Biomedical Engineering– Biomedical Engineering(BME), as the name suggests is a combination of the medical and engineering fields. BME is the application of engineering principles and design concepts to medicine and biology for healthcare purposes. So a student with knowledge and interests in both fields can opt for this degree. Hence It is best suited for students with PCMB.

2.Careers after 12 COMMERCE

  • B.Com(3 years)- Bachelor of Commerce
  • BBI(3 years)- Bachelor of Banking and Insurance
  • CA- Charted Accountancy
  • CS- Company Secretory
  • Hotel Management
  • BBA- Bachelor of Business Administration
  • BMS- Bachelor of Management Studies
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Marketing
  • Fashion Merchandising
  • Retail Management
  • Management Studies
  • Bachelor of Business Economics

3.Careers after 12 ARTS/HUMANITIES

  • BPE- Bachelor of Physical Education
  • BA- Bachelor of Arts. BA can be done in multiple disciplines according to your interests and goals. Also, if you aim for civil services, it’s a good decision to opt for any BA degree. So, you can prepare for the competition along with it as a BA course is not academically burdening.
  • Hotel Management(BA/BSc)
  • Designing Courses
  • LLB- Bachelor of Legislative Law. A good career option.
  • Law Courses
  • BFA Performing Arts(Music/Dance)
  • Social Sciences
  • Mass Media, Journalism
  • BSW- Bachelor of Social Work
  • Film/Television Courses

4.The option of Going Abroad

This is well, a universal option that any student from any stream can opt for. After 12, you can move abroad to any country for further studies, provided you fulfill the requirements of a country you wish to move to. You need to get a student visa for a country to move there. So, you need to select an institute of your choice and fulfill the eligibility criteria for a course that you are applying there.
The craze of moving abroad is all the more increasing and thus, it has become less for study purposes and more out of other reasons. For instance, because of shortcomings in the Indian system. But, before you consider this option, make sure you look into all the pros and cons of moving abroad after 12.

So, this was all about major promising careers after 12. Now it’s upon you to introspect yourself and choose what you are made for. While deciding a career, keep your interest first and let everything else wait because if you have an interest in your field, only then you can gain skills and succeed in it. And if you are picking up a field just because it has immense scope and money, sorry to say but you’ll end up gaining nothing and wasting your potential.

Ponder over it that a skilled laborer earns more than an unskilled engineer! So, choose your career wisely. It’s your only life and you have to make full out of it. All the best to all of you! Hope you make out to your dream careers super soon…

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