CBSE Class 12 Results out: Details and Discussion

The most awaited moment for the students has finally come! Central Board of Secondary Education has announced class 12 results. The board made results available on its official websites and on 13 July, 2020.

Usually CBSE declares its class 12 and class 10 results in May or first week of June. This year, however due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the results got delayed. Class 10 results are also on the way and expected within a few days.

Diving into statistics, a total of 1203595 students registered for class 12 exam out of which 1059080 have passed, making the pass percentage of 88.78%. There is an increase in pass percentage by 5.38% as against last year.

Girls outshone boys in results with a pass percentage of 92.15 percent whereas pass percentage of boys is 86.19. Hence girls outperformed boys by 5.96 percent. (Good going girls! You make us proud!!)

Region-wise pass percentage of Class 12, 2020

Trivandrum- 97.67
Bengaluru- 97.05
Chennai- 96.17
Delhi West- 94.61
Delhi East- 94.24
Panchkula- 92.52
Chandigarh- 92.04
Bhopal- 90.95
Pune- 90.24

The Board has decided not to come up with a merit list due to all the uncertainties caused by prevalent circumstances. Papers usually commence in March till mid-April. But this year, due to the Corona pandemic, a nation-wide lockdown was observed on March 15 and so, the exams got postponed.

The final decision regarding the exams was eagerly awaited by the students. Earlier, Board announced to conduct the pending subject exams at the end of June but keeping in view the increasing danger of pandemic, not to risk the precious lives of students, it decided towards cancellation of exams.

A separate assessment scheme was made for the subjects whose papers got cancelled. The students were granted marks on the basis of their performance in other subjects and internal assessment (their overall performance). The results, thus, were formulated and made available to the students by CBSE.

How to check CBSE Class 12 Results 2020?

  • Keep your Class 12 Roll number, admit card number, Centre number, and all other details handy.
  • Go to google.
  • Search ‘CBSE Class 12 Results 2020’.
  • Click on the link that appears.
  • Fill in your details and submit.
  • Your result will be displayed and you can screenshot or download it for your further perusal.

Official Websites to check Results 2020:

Other Options to Check CBSE Class 12 Results 2020:

  • By IVRS facility
  • Digilocker App
  • Umang App
  • Digiresults App
  • Microsoft SMS Organizer app
    >For Delhi localities: 24300699
    >For outside Delhi: 011-24300699


The declaration of results has ended the restlessness among the students. The pandemic has disturbed the academia of country as a whole. Earlier, it was the uncertainty of exams that students were worried of and then the results. With the coming of results, now they must have got some hope and a direction in which they wish to move next.

Class 12 is a career deciding class, true. This is the last stage of your school life. School life is quite good where we go in the morning and come back by noon, we have teachers who teach us and take care of our needs as well. School is a kind of protective place where you are safe and get immense opportunities to develop yourself.

But after school, you need to step out in the real world. Colleges and universities are very different from schools and there, you have to showcase all that you learnt in your school. (Not talking about subject matter knowledge but the practical knowledge). That is why the last class of school, class 12, is always very special for the students.

A Message for the Students

First of all, Congratulations to all those who passed out with flying colors. I’m sure its celebrating time for you. You made your parents and teachers proud. That was your hard work, whose results you are enjoying today! Keep growing and working hard in the future too.

But always remember, achieving good grades here doesn’t mean you have won the battle. You have just entered it. The real war is still awaiting you and for winning it, you have to work constantly with all your abilities, perseverance, and dedication. Good Luck and God bless you!

Now those, who somehow got less marks or not according to their expectations, please don’t feel disheartened. Its okay! Happens sometimes… Sure you lacked somewhere during preparations or whatever the reasons were, nevertheless it’s your result.

Accept it and move forward. Don’t keep lamenting over it now. You cannot change your marks here but for sure if you work hard now, you can improve your future grades. Take it as a lesson and start working on yourself. Train yourself in the direction of your goals and just follow them. You are not weak, just a bit careless. Take care next time and get better results. Good luck and God bless you!


My dear friends, the 12 pass outs, for you guys, the real challenge is up now. Whatever the results have been, good or bad, let them be. Concentrate on your next step now.

Here, I would like to add a fact that I, scored 96.4% in my 12. It might seem big to some of you, but ask me… Its nothing more than just shutting mouths of relatives or me throwing parties to my friends. (Nothing more!)

Yes, in today’s world seriously no one is interested in your grades. Knowledge and skills matter. You would yourself realize it soon. Most of the universities (all the eminent ones) take their own entrance tests for admissions to any UG/PG course wherein they test your knowledge. Previous grades are given a small preference.

So, work more on improving your skills and gain as much knowledge as you can. I wish you all the very best for your future and may you get your dream career soon!

Ah! That reminds me, it’s really hard to make choices after 12, no? What to choose, which institute is better and what not! Don’t worry I’ll soon be up with my next article on Career options after 12. So, stay tuned and celebrate your results…

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