How to Convert Images to PDFs on Your iPhone and Android

Meta- Searching an image to PDF converter app is a tough job. But we all need such apps to simplify our daily office tasks. Get the best PDF makers app in the article.

Convert Images to PDFs on Your iPhone and Android

PDf file formats are globally widespread. It provides trusted security. Documents must be in a file format that can’t be altered without leaving an electronic footprint. That’s how it can be safe. And PDF formats satisfy this need. That’s why PDF scanner apps are so prevalent these days.

Before revealing the best Android and iPhone image to PDF converter apps, lets first understand why PDF formats are so popular?

Why Are PDF Formats Successful?

PDFs are Universal. It is better than any other file formats like word, excel, or PowerPoint due to the below-mentioned features.

1.PDF documents are viewable on any device- Editing papers in Word might be easy but when you save a word document on a Mac, It does not visually transfer properly.

  1. Easy To Create-PDF documents are easy to create. Many PDF makers create it for free.
  2. The decreased file size– Converting any file into a PDF without sacrificing its quality is easy with PDF makers. Its decreased size also helps with quick transfer and other actions.
  3. Everyone uses it- PDF file formats fit in everyone’s needs. Right from a business tycoon to a student, everyone prefers to use a PDF document.

After seeing all these benefits of PDFs, we should move to the best apps for iPhone and Android that can convert images into PDFs in no time.

Which Is The Best Image To PDF Converter For iPhone?

There are many such images to PDF converters that work well with the iPhone. But the best one is- Photos PDF: scanner converter. This high-rated app is easy to use and claims to be one of the most simple apps for conversion.

Photos to PDF can be as persuasive as you want. Want to perform image rotation or image filters? You got it. All your images and documents are securely stored on your Smartphone and the conversion is done in seconds. Users can also manage PDF documents with folder management and file naming. Keep the app uncluttered when you have a lot of PDFs!

Which Is The Best Android PDF Maker?

Are you an Android device user? well, use a FlashScan app for all your scanning and conversion issues. It is the best image to PDF converter. Although the market is full of varied document scanning apps, this one generates clear, sharp scans in seconds.

For an image to PDF conversion, FlashScan offers the most simple way. Users just need to open the image from the gallery or take a photo of the document and open it with FlashScan and convert that image into a PDF! It’s as simple as that.

This app offers hassle-free image conversion and accurate PDFs. Many Android users also use this app for its other features like OCR and document scanning. Let’s explore this app and understand its other features.

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Why Is The FlashScan Best PDF Scanner App?

FlashScan is not only an image to PDF converter but also a one-stop solution for all your scanning issues. We need such apps to scan various documents.

It scans Identity cards and formal papers.Office/Business invoices, important contracts, various bills, and vouchers. Also, every type of receipts, letters, and even books are can scan useful articles, important certificates, and business cards as well.

  • FlashScan also offers an intuitive OCR, which is a master text extractor. It also helps you to translate such scanned text from English to other languages.
  • It also reads QR and Barcodes. Users can instantly view product price with scanned barcodes and compare them online.
  • This app also offers professional post-scan filters that enhance the results. Grey mode, Magic colour, Original, Black, and White 1&2 are excellent filters to transform your scanned documents.
  • Users can anytime save, share, rename, and delete any files and folders of the app.
  • Often documents and folders create a mess in the device. FlashScan offers the ‘Sort By’ feature to declutter document mess and keep your device organized.
  • Users can organize documents with name and modification time.

Want a clear, sharp and professional scan? Download FlashScan now. Enjoy easy conversion of images to PDFs with this portable scanning app. Use this Android PDF maker and boost your productivity even in the lockdown phase.

How to Convert Images to PDFs on Your iPhone and Android

Concluding Notes

Scanning documents and converting images to PDFs are daily tasks for professionals. Use these apps to simplify your work. Also, during this current COVID-19 crisis many people are working from, and these apps are very useful to increase your productivity.

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