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You started a business and wanted to generate awareness among the people about your business for which you created a website and made it visible on the search engine with the help of SEO, PPC, and other digital marketing ways. You even start to get traffic on your site but is that enough, NO, you need to engage the traffic on your website.

The objective when anyone starts a business is to get some return from it, and for this, you need to generate leads, and for this, you need to have engaged your customers on your website. Everyone who visits your website does not visit to buy, and it could be anything, they might have visited your website just like that while browsing the internet, so do some activity to engage them, this is what is called customer engagement.

What is customer engagement?

In simple terms, customer engagement is engaging customers through various activities.

Is your website good enough to engage traffic?

Why is customer engagement important?

Now the next question arises why is customer engagement critical. As mentioned earlier, a customer who visits your website might not have the intention of buying but to move the customer down the sales funnel you need to engage him/her. Customer engagement is not important to sore high your sales.

Still, by letting your customer interact and engage on your website, you are increasing the credibility of your website, which is again very important a factor. Besides, each action taken by a customer on your website gives you an idea about the behaviour of each customer and hence gives you an idea about the next step that needs to be taken with that customer.

  • To be precise, customer engagement not only helps your sales to increase but also
  • Establishes high-value, long term customer relationships,
  • Builds trust with the customers,
  • It helps to figure out the customer’s behaviour.

How to make your website more engaging?

Now that we understand that engaging customers on your website are essential, so the next step to be taken into consideration is how this is to be done. As we all know that no two customers are the same, and you cannot cater to all of them at the same time with the same content. But yes, no matter how different human beings would be a few things will always remain in common and that you need to take care of and make your site more engaging with those things.

Below are a few ways in which you can make your site more engaging:

Good Content and Images – this is something that is very well known to each and everyone, “CONTENT IS THE KING” have excellent and relevant content on your website along with relevant and suitable images as this would engage the people with them on your site.

Too many choices may confuse the customer –  People love to have choices, but too many of them often confuse and might lead to not choosing anything at all. So tell your eCommerce web design company to have different options on your website but make sure not to make it more cluttered or messy.

Social Votes – We often tend to seek the opinion of others before making any decision, in the same manner, visitors might find your website exciting yet feel confused to take any action and seek the advice of others. So, you must include testimonials and ratings highlighted on your website. Visitors are likely to believe the words of your ongoing customers for they have already used your product or service. This builds trust in the mind of the visitors.

Limited Offer – No one is a fool to get trapped by this tactic of yours, but it is often seen that people tend that they do not want to lose something they liked and that if the offer is limited, it might prompt them to make an immediate purchase.

Using the power of a Real person – It is always advisable to include the pictures of your customers and clients in the review or testimonials, as this makes your site more engaging and holds the interest of the customer.

Stories – Stories always interests people, talk about your success as well as your failure stories as this tends to hold the interest of the customer for they make a true picture of you and do not show a man-made a story which people might not buy and hence create a bad image of your site. In case of failure stories, you can also let your customer know how you made through it and recovered.

Commitment – You can increase brand loyalty by making a commitment or asking your customer to do so. It could be anything, subscribing to a newsletter, or even becoming your fan on Facebook.

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