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“There is a revolution happening where Netflix and Wifi will be built into all the televisions”.

What is Netflix?
What is Netflix(Free Netflix Subscription for 83 years-Here's how to get this offer)
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  • Netflix is a streaming service that offers a broad variety of award-winning movies, documentaries, TV shows, animations, etc on thousands of internet-connected electronic devices.
  • An American media services provider and production company.
  • It has its headquarters in Los Gatos, California.
  • It was established in 1997.
  • Founders-Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph.
  • Netflix-a member of the motion picture association of America.
Are you ready to get the Free subscription?

If so, all that you need to do is to participate and win the video game competition conducted by Netflix.

Netflix’s New Game
Netflix's New Game(Free Netflix Subscription for 83 years-Here's how to get this offer)
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  • Celebration of “The Old Guard” movie.
  • It is described to be a top-down “beat them up game” and is played with the help of a browser.
  • New offer Netflix announcement- 83 years or 1000 months of subscription to Netflix platform for free.
  • What is needed?-maximum score in “The Old Guard” video game.
  • Release of Netflix- The Old-Guard movie enacted by cine star, Charlize Theron.
  • Theron Plates Andy-one of the oldest and seasoned immortals who save a group.
  • A special offer made by Netflix streaming service-“Immortal” Netflix account.
  • Users can enjoy Netflix subscription for eighty-three years(the best offer).
The Old Guard Movie 
The Old Guard Movie(Free Netflix Subscription for 83 years-Here's how to get this offer)
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  • Action, thriller, and adventure movie.
  • Four undying warriors who have secretly safeguarded humanity for centuries become targeted for their mysterious powers just as they discover a new immortal.
  • It is the story of centuries ancient soldiers who heal and use their experience to help others.
  • A 2020 American superhero film directed by Gina Prince Bythewood.
  • Written by Greg Rucka.
  • It is based on Greg’s comic book.
  • The film stars include Luca Marinelli, Marwan Kenzari, Harry Melling, Kiki Layne, and Charlize Theron.
  • You can also watch the trailer of the movie in order to win an immortal Netflix account.
Features of the game(The Old Guard)
Features of the game(The Old Guard)(Free Netflix Subscription for 83 years-Here's how to get this offer)
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  • How to play the new game?-You can use your web browser and start playing your game today.
  • The Old Guard game-browser based game.
  • You can access it through a special link.
  • It mirrors the events of the movie where you have to play a leadership character.
  • Straightforward goal-to kill many enemies using one-handed Labrys(a giant double-bladed axe).
  • One more unique feature of the Old Guard movie- you get killed but you don’t.
  • It slows you down.
  • Be smart enough to kill your enemies fastly.
  • Protect yourself from your enemies.
  • The game went live on July 17, 2020.
  • It will stay there till July 19, 2020.
Special Note:
  • This video game competition is only for US Netflix users.
  • If you haven’t seen the Netflix movie(The Old Guard) starred by Charlize Theron and group, now its high time for you to watch it before you start playing the new game.
  • You have to watch the movie because the original game used for the competition mirrors the film events.
  • So, don’t worry about it and don’t be disappointed.
  • Once you have seen the film, you can continue to play The Old Guard game.
To grab the offer:
  • Netflix(a popular world streaming service) is celebrating the release of the action thriller film “The Old Guard”.
  • As a part of the celebration, one person can use the “Immortal Netflix account”.
  • A small print means a free subscription to the service for a thousand months or a little over eighty-three years.
  • As a result of the promotional campaign conducted for the action thriller movie, Netflix is offering an immortal account.
  • Users can watch movies, originals, and series on Netflix free of cost for the next eighty-three years if they have won the competition.
Immortal Netflix Account
Immortal Netflix Account(Free Netflix Subscription for 83 years-Here's how to get this offer)
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  • A lifelong or immortal subscription offered by Netflix.
  • Any lucky person can win a free Netflix subscription offer for eighty-three years by scoring the maximum score in the new Old Guard game.
Benefits to the participants
  • If you are lucky enough, you can save thirteen thousand dollars if you get a free standard Netflix plan for  thousand months.
  • With a minimum of two hundred rupees subscription plan, you can save two lakhs rupees if you get free Netflix for  thousand months or eighty-three years.
Ways of getting Free Netflix subscription
  • You need several practices to play The Old Guard game.
  • Once you have practiced many times and if you have performed excellently in the game, you can score the highest even before the deadline.
  • When the game is live, it will be playable until July 19.
  • You have to submit your best maximum score within the deadline.
  • On July 19, the game disappears and the highest scorer will be the winner.
  • On scoring the highest score, you will get a hundred months of free Netflix subscription.
  • Notable aspect-competition is applicable only for users of the United States of America.
  • Ther is no still clear information whether the users in other parts of the world including India will get an opportunity to avail the Free Netflix subscription offer for any other competition or contest.
The highest scorer is eligible to grab the offer
  • Netflix(online streaming giant)-announced a new offer of getting eighty-three years or one thousand months of its subscription free of cost.
  • To grab this offer, you have to receive the highest score in The Old Guard video game.
Why Netflix launched this game?

The Old Guard-Netflix launched the game to enable more viewers, gamers, and more fans to watch the movie and try the luck for getting Free Netflix Subscription for life.

Tips to win the game
Tips to win the game(Free Netflix Subscription for 83 years-Here's how to get this offer)
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  • Watch the movie carefully.
  • Observe the tricks and secrets that are displayed in the movie.
  • Use the same in the game as well.
  • Though you can play this game on a web browser and mobile, some experts have said that you can use a desktop or laptop to play this game for successful winning.
Deadline for the competition
Deadline for the competition(Free Netflix Subscription for 83 years-Here's how to get this offer)
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  • The game and the contest has started already.
  • It will be live till July 19.
  • You have only one more day left.
  • Hurry Up!!! Avail the offer soon!!!

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“Watch the movie, Play and win the game by making the highest score”.

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