How To Monitor Employees Like A Pro

2020 has made exceptional changes in our lifestyle. Things we took for granted like going out, meeting friends, going on vacation attending official meetings all have been talking of past. Movements have become restricted. Traveling, public gatherings, etc all are now on hold for an unknown period.

God knows when will life come to normal but for the time being, we have to amend our lifestyles to cope up with this change. Now its time to introduce such policies and technologies which will achieve the goals and objectives without physical presence.

Take an example of the guy who has all the regional divisions of the town under his supervision. He has to take care of all the employees and their needs as well as keep an eye on them. So that nobody can exploit or misuse company resources. He has to visit branch to branch to check on the employees which are a difficult task especially in days like. For such scenarios, you need to take help from advanced technology.

Technology has made tremendous progress in the past decade. Now from home, you can know when a certain employee entered the office or if someone left early. Similarly, if you are suspicious that someone is using company assets for personal use you can catch him or her red-handed with solid evidence.

All these and much more are possible because of advancements in the technology sector. Employee monitoring app can help you record every employee’s activities and keep them under surveillance. You can do it secretly or let the employees know that they are under surveillance through all the company related gadgets to keep them alert.

There are many spy or monitoring apps in the market which are used by employers, by parents to monitor their teen activities, and many others. Every app has many pros and cons. Here we will discuss one of the efficient and economical one OgyMogy which can help you in many different ways. This software has been supported by both windows and mac. Moreover, you can also use the android version to spy on your employees.

Monitor Their Screen Activities:

With the OgyMogy screen recording app, you can record mobile as well as computer screen activities of the target person. You can see it in real-time i.e Ogymogy can provide you live coverage of respective person screen. Thus in real-time, you can notice if anybody is doing any personal work or is busy with the given official task. You can also check through short videos and snapshots of the screen recordings.

Make It A Real 9 to 5 Job:

Some people are habitual late comers and are always in a hurry to leave. To deal with these kinds of people, OgyMogy has a location tracking app. It will tell you the exact location of the target person. You can know there position on google maps in real-time. Thus now no lying like “am in the office’’ or “will be there in 5 minutes.’’

No More Gossip Or Bullying In The Office:

OgyMogy has this live surrounding listening feature which allows you to listen to target employees through their phone. If you are suspicious about any bully in the group or are worried that people are gossiping more and working less in the office hours. Don’t worry we can help you in stopping this trend in the office with OgyMogy. It will also allow you to know the whereabouts of the target person through surrounding voices. You can also listen to live conversations through listening app.

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Want Data Backup?

You can use the android version of OgyMogy for data backup. OgyMogy copies the data of the target device on the web. Making it possible to recover any kind of audio, video, or media files in case of any unforeseen circumstances. Thus data backup procedure on OgyMogy enables you to store confidential data securely through the target device.

Secure Official Emails And Passwords:

OgyMogy has the best keylogger feature. It gives you remote access to all the keystrokes typed on the target smartphone. Thus you will know about all the official emails and details. So if anybody is sharing confidential documents or ideas through emails you will get notified.

Now whether you can physically reach them out or not you will know details about their delivered output and daily tasks with the help of the OgyMogy spy app.

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