How To Take Care Of A Pet Dog

Before you have decided to take care of a pet dog,

  • Decide to buy a puppy.
  • Contact your friends or a pet shop.
  • Select the right type of Dog as per your whims and fancies.
  • Dog breeds-Labrador, German Sheperd, Pug, Doberman, Pomeranian, etc.

“Money can help you buy a fine pet dog, but your genuine love makes your dog wag its tail”.

Pet Dog Care

First of all, you should know to meet out the physical and emotional needs of a pet dog through:

  • Provision of proper nutritious food.
  • Clean drinking water
  • Adequate shelter.
  • Plenty of exercises
  • Allotment of playtime.

Vital Advisory Tips to take Care of A Pet Dog

To take care of a pet dog, stick on to the following steps.


Proper Vaccination
  1. See that your dog is vaccinated.
  2. You must always have a reliable and dependable veterinarian in hand.
  3. The veterinarian instructs you about the diseases persisting in your local area.
  4. The veterinarian provides an official card to remind the dog owner about the booster injections.
  5. Card Details-Name of the Dog owner and description of the dog.
  6. Your dog should be vaccinated against rabies, distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza, leptospirosis, etc.
  7. Take your dog to a veterinary hospital at least twice a year.

Collar Tags and ID Chips

A dog with a collar tag and ID chip
  1. Put tags on your dog’s collar with an ID Chip.


  • If your dog gets lost/stolen, it is easy to trace out your dog with its collar tag and ID chips.
  • ID Chip-A small micro-chip injected under the dog’s skin over the shoulders.
  • Micro-chip details-It has a vital number, with a dog owner’s contact details.

Get Pet Health Insurance

Pet Health Insurance
  1. If veterinary treatment is very expensive, you can take a pet insurance policy.
  2. You have to pay a monthly premium to the selected insurance company to meet your expenses when the dog gets sick or injured.

Dog Grooming 

Grooming of pet dogs involves three steps.

Step 1-Brushing

Combing and Brushing
  1. Depending on the dog’s breed, do regular brushing to analyze your dog’s body position.
  2. Daily comb your pet dog’s hair.
  3. Prevent knots.
  4. Apply shampoo and bathe your dog daily.

Step 2-Nails Trimming

Nails Trimming
  1. It is very hard to trim your dog’s nails but it is important to keep your dog’s paws healthy.
  2. Use a good trimmer to trim the dog’s nails.
  3. After trimming, take your dog for a walk.

Step3-Cleaning of dog’s coat

Bathe your dog daily
  • Dirty coats-skin infection.
  • Bathe your dog regularly with shampoo.
  • Use velvet soap to give a regular bath for your dog.
  • The shampoo is the best skin conditioner for your dog.
  • If the fur grows long, it irritates the dog’s toes.
  • Use a dog groomer to trim your dog’s coat.

Do you think that dogs suffer from obesity?

Dogs suffer from obesity
  • Yes!they do suffer from obesity.

Socializing and playing with your dog

Lots of exercises and games burn excess energy and prevent your dog from obesity problems

Play games with dogs
  • Provide your dog with the right amount of exercise.
  • Play games like throwing a ball and making it get tired.
  • Take for a long walk.
  • Maintain a tall fence so that your pet dog doesn’t run away and jump over the fence.

Pet dog’s mental stimulation

Train your dog by giving commands
  • Just like human beings, dogs also get bored up.
  • To make your dog feel happy, go for mental stimulation(obedience training).
  • You must communicate with your pet dog.
  • Train your dog by saying commands such as “Sit”, “Come”, “Go”, “Stay”, etc.
  • This is done to strengthen your relationship with your pet dog and improve its concentration capacity.
  • You can reward your dog if it is obedient through small treats. (Eg: an extra handful of pedigree, an extra bone to chew, etc).

Dog Socialization

  • Socialize your dog to become a proper adult dog.
  • Introduce your dog to many people, smells, and sounds.

Allow your dog to display normal behaviour

  • Make your dog play.
  • Train your dog to sniff its surroundings.

Respect and Love  your pet dog

Respect and Love your dog
  • Give a lovely name for your dog.
  • Fulfil the basic needs of the dog.
  • Register your dog with the veterinarian.
  • Protect your dog more during summer and winter days.
  • Build a mutual love bond.

Improved diet tips to take care of a pet dog

Avoid feeding your dog with cooked meat
Avoid feeding your dog with cooked meat
  • Except for human beings, all animal species eat raw food.
  • So, see that you half cook your dog’s meal to make it become stronger and improve its immunity.
  • Don’t give chocolates or sugar flavoured food to your dog, since there is every chance for your pet dog to lose its beautiful thick coated hair.
Avoid overfeeding
  • Check and see whether your pet dog is becoming fat.

What is Pedigree?

  • Pedigree is a well-balanced diet for your pet dog.
  • It strengthens your dog’s muscles and bones.
  • It makes your dog more active and smart.


  • A slim dog is medically fit.
  • Don’t overfeed your dog.
  • See that your dog is always slim and lean.
  • Don’t be worried that the dog is thin.
Avoid gluten
Harmful ingredients in gluten
  • Many types of dry pet foods contain gluten meals.
  • Corn gluten in small amounts is harmful to your dog’s organs.
  • So, GMO corn is normally used in pet foods.
Provide water for your dog regularly
Provide water regularly
  • Fill a container with water.
  • Place the container near its shelter so that it will drink water whenever it is thirsty
  • You can also buy a water filter to provide the dog with pure, safe, and nutritious water.
Wash the dog’s bowl with vinegar and safe cleaning products
Clean the dog’s bowl regularly
  • Use stainless steel bowls to feed your pet dog.
  • See that your dog’s food bowl and water containers are cleaned regularly.
  • White vinegar-a good product to clean your dog’s bowl, water containers, etc.

Safety and Precautionary measures (For Dog Bite)

Dog Bite
  • Though they are pet animals, you must remember that these pet dogs are animals and there’s every chance for them to bite even the dog owner.
  • You must be very careful with stray dogs. They are more harmful than pet dogs.
  • Please don’t forget to vaccinate your dog.
  • If the dog bites you, use a clean towel over the injury to stop bleeding.
  • Elevate the injured area.
  • Wash the bitten area with soap and water immediately.
  • Bandage your wound.


  • Don’t be careless and lethargic thinking that your dog is vaccinated.
  • Go to the hospital immediately.
  • Consult your family doctor to get the right treatment.
  • Inform the doctor about your dog’s vaccination without fail.
Happiness is a puppy

“Dogs will understand your pain better than any human”.

I hope this article was very useful.

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