Know all about ISO Certification for Water Treatment Plants

ISO Certification for Water Treatment Plants – Water is a valuable natural resource that is gifted to the human being. The water covers up to 71% of Earth’s surface, and only 2.5% is freshwater among the 71% that can be consumed by the human being. It is an essential resource that we carefully preserve as we are all aware of the scarcity of water.

ISO Certification for Water Treatment Plants

According to the global statistics, it is observed that 40% of the people on Earth are facing the acute shortage of water. So to convert the water into the consumable form, the water treatment plants are developed, and these water treatment plants should comply with the international benchmarks of health, safety, and quality to maintain their presence in their vicinity.

Scope of Water Treatment Plants in India:-

As we all know, water is scarce worldwide, and India is also facing its consequences. Our government is trying to tackle this problem and spend lots of money on these water treatment plants through schemes such as Namami Gange and PM Krishi Sinchayee Yojna. And due to this, the water business in India is transforming into a million-dollar business. As there is a massive benefit in water treatment businesses, there should be given more emphasis on the ISO Certification in India.

The significant role of ISO Certification in Water Treatment Business:-

The ISO Certifications provides guidelines to the organization and businesses to increase the quality of the people. As the ISO certification is a global benchmark, it enhances your productivity even in the water treatment businesses.

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How does the ISO Certifications help the effective treatment of water?

The ISO organization has developed many standards, and the ISO certification helps organizations to create and manage the whole processes in the organizations. The ISO certification work based on the PDCA cycle, i.e., Plan, Do, Check, and Act, which tries to improve the quality again and again. Thus it gives a systematic approach in the processes of water treatment.

Which ISO standard can be used in Water Treatment Businesses?

In this era there are a lot of ISO certificate body is available but three ISO certification benchmarks can be used and applied in the Water Treatment plants and that are which is mention below:-

  1. ISO 24516-4:2019: It is an ISO standard that provides and covers the whole functioning of the wastewater treatment plants, and it was introduced in 2019, which is the latest benchmark of ISO.
  2. ISO 24511:2007: The standard explains the concrete guidelines for effective water treatment.
  3. ISO 14001:2016: This is a standard concern with the Environmental Management System that ensures and provides guidance to protect nature. As the water treatment business is also concerned with the environment, it is essential to practice the guidelines of ISO 14001:2016.


ISO Certification in India:- There is a scarcity of natural resources, and one of the essential resources is water. Hence to preserve and purify the water, the water treatment plants should be developed. And therefore, to enhance the good practices in the organizations, the organizations should follow the standard guidelines of ISO Certification in India.

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