Top 10 Tips to become a Successful Blogger in 2020

A blog is a short form for weblog which are diary-like websites that are easy to launch, run, and sustain. A blog can be a private diary, a tool to collect information, a list, or any means of collaborating and publishing data on the internet. The skills required to set up a blog are easy to learn and cheap. A person who writes a blog is known as a blogger.

A blogger mostly writes about his thoughts, ideas, skills, expertise, knowledge, and opinion in a particular field while writing a blog. A blog helps a blogger to maintain and shape his digital identity. It also helps the blogger to preserve their views and feelings.

Many people start blogging to make a difference in society, some people write to express their feelings about a topic, some as a hobby and some to share their knowledge in a particular field. So here are top 10 tips which can help a blog writer to become a successful blogger:

Blogging Tips for Writers

Select an appropriate topic: The best way to select a topic for your blog is to think about your area of interest and expertise. It is not necessary that the topic should be trendy and cool because if a topic is interesting for you than it will be interesting for readers as well.

Try to choose a unique topic, a topic on which no one has written in the past. When you are writing on the worldwide web, there are readers for each and every topic so don’t worry about whether your topic will attract the traffic of readers or not.

Collect knowledge about the topic: After selecting the topic, it is a must to read and gather as much information as possible before starting to write the blog. The best way to collect knowledge and information about a topic is by reading books, newspapers, magazines, research papers, etc.

It is not important to read each and every source of information in complete detail but try to extract the most relevant information related to your topic. Now, compile all the information gathered from various sources into your own blog.

Infuse your own thoughts: While compiling information from different sources also try to infuse your own feelings and knowledge about the topic. If possible, try to provide a new perspective about the topic, this will make the blog more interesting and engaging for the readers.

Giving your own perspective will also help to give your identity to the blog. Successful bloggers always have their own identities attached to their blogs.

Try to make the content exclusive: If you select a unique topic and infuse your own thoughts in the blog then it will automatically become exclusive and different from other blogs. Try to make the content creative, imaginative, artistic, and intuitive, it will also help to make the blog exclusive.

Another way to make your blog exclusive is by avoiding plagiarism. It is good to take inspiration from others but it is also important to give them their share of the credit. At the same time, it is not wrong to disagree with one’s thinking but it should also be done without disrespecting them.

Use of Correct Language: Language helps to make the blog more creative and artistic. The use of accurate idioms and phrases helps to make the blog more readable. No matter what language you choose to write your blog in just try to make it grammatically correct. The use of correct spellings and vocabulary is also equally important. There are various tools available to make the content of the blog grammatically correct and to do spell-check.

Addition of Keywords: The addition of keywords in the blog helps to draw the relevant traffic but while writing the content it is better not to think too much about the keywords. Initially, you should write normal content without thinking about the keywords, and then at the end, if required you can add the keywords.

A good blogger will automatically have most keywords in his/her content and therefore will require very less adjustments in the end.

Maintain good relations with readers: Always encourage readers to give their opinions and to ask queries related to the topic. Try to answer the queries of each and every reader. Appreciate the opinions and views which you feel are worthy of appreciation. In the end word of mouth is the best form of publicity and for that, it is very important to have cordial relations with your audience.

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Read your blog multiple times before publishing: Read the blog as many times as possible before publishing it on the website because it will help to remove errors. While reading try to find out whether the blog gets the point across clearly by using the minimum number of words. In other words, proofread your blog’s content.

Add attractive images to your blog: Adding relevant images in the blog helps to attract more eyeballs. It makes the content more relatable and catchier. The number of images should be decided wisely because too many images can unnecessarily increase the length of the blog. Placement of images also plays a vital role; it should be either at the end or at the start of a paragraph. The absence of images makes the blog boring and dull.

Add examples to convey your point: Quoting examples helps the reader to understand even a complex subject with ease. Especially while writing on complex topics like the economy, technology, politics, sociology, etc. quoting examples helps the readers immensely. Examples also make the point more believable and realistic. Again, examples should also be used only when required and should not be infused forcefully.

Tips to Write a blog

Finally, I would like to add that there is no set formula for writing a blog, every blogger has his unique style and way of writing. The 10 tips mentioned above are those which helped me to improve my blogging skills. I have a strong feeling that these tips will help you as well to gain success in your blogging career.

As you write more and more blogs the easier it becomes to generate new content for your blog. Also, remember that all these tips and tricks are useful only when your content is strong so always continue to improve your writing skills irrespective of whether you are a beginner or an experienced blogger.

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