Top 20 Ways to earn money online from home

Are You ready to earn money online from home??? “Work at home, make money no matter where you are in the world”.

  • The Internet can help you earn money easily from home.
  • The amount you are going to earn depends on your brilliance, skill, smartness, time, and effort invested.

Here are 20 ways for you to earn money online from home during this COVID 19 lockdown period.

  • You can go through these 20 ways and decide which one will work for you.
  • By selecting any one of these ways, you will not waste your time, as well as you will develop your knowledge and latent potentialities through these available online jobs.
  • Hence, make your lockdown to be productive and useful for you.

20 ways to earn money online from home


Online Tutor-Ways to Earn Money Online-Top 20 ways(July 2020)
Source: NYU Tandon School of Engineering

“Tutors don’t just give out answers. They want students to understand how to do the work on their own.”

  • If you have a college degree and teaching skill, you can teach students online for subjects such as Maths, Language, English, and Science.
  • Nowadays, heavy demand is placed for an online tutor.
  • If you are deeply interested in teaching and if you like helping others to learn, E-teaching is the best way for you to earn money from home.
  • If you are a smart teacher, you can start an online tutorial business.
  • For this type of business, you should create content for a particular course online and a subscription model(module wise cost/usage wise).
  • Online tutors who work for a particular company and have completed the probationary period can earn a decent salary.
  • Salary: $10 -$14(Rs.750-Rs.1100) per month.
  • As a virtual tutor, you can select your schedule and go for a quick session with your students.
  • If you have earned a good reputation as a good teacher, you can very easily conduct seminars, lectures, webinars, etc.
  • Nowadays, college and university students are ready to pay registration fees to participate in a well-dignified webinar.
To become an online tutor
  • You must be a subject expert.
  • Plan to spend some time to teach some hours per week.
Online sites to be enrolled
E-tools used for online teaching
  • Skype.
  • Web interface tools-provides face to face contact with students all around the world.
  • Webinar apps-Google meet, zoom meet, Go to Meeting, etc.


Content Writer-Ways to Earn Money Online-Top 20 ways(July 2020)
Source: Josh Talks

“The secret of becoming a writer is to write, write, and keep on writing”.

  • Another way of earning money online from home is to become a content writer.
  • If you are good at content writing, you can begin online writing business and earn lots of money for a single content.
  • You can have a tie-up with bloggers who need the services of content writers.
  • If you are a successful content writer or copy editor or proofreader you can go for edit
  • You can write content for individuals, companies, blogs, and institutions.
  • The average salary for a content writer is Rs.15,000 per month.
Who is a content writer?

A person who specializes in offering relevant content for websites.

Skills needed to become a good content writer
  • A content writer should master different writing styles.
  • They are social media specialists.
  • Know CSS, WordPress, and SEO.
  • Avoidance of plagiarism(original presentation of contents).
  • Proper selection of the topic to capture the mind of the audience.
Websites offering online writing jobs
Good freelance writing websites(to find a job)
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Youtuber-Ways to Earn Money Online from Home-Top 20 Ways(July 2020)
Source: NoxInfluencer

“Youtubers not only share their knowledge to the world but also with the millions of users who come to their platform to learn”.

  • It is one of the hottest trends in earning money online.
  • You can start your youtube channel.
  • Upload some quality videos.
  • Become a Youtube partner to make money online.
  • For the youtube partner program, you need to get video views and subscribers for your channel.
  • Once you get the approval, people will see your ads in your videos.
  • You can make money for each view that your video will receive.
  • You can shoot videos from DSLR cameras or smartphones.
  • If you are a dramatic performer, you can upload yourself on youtube.
  • You can even be a filmmaker, comedian, and musician who wants a large number of audiences and subscribers.
  • Your details of earnings will be displayed on your video page.
  • The average salary of a Youtuber is $4000 per month(Rs.3,00,000)if he/ she gets more than 2,00,000 subscribers.
Different kind of videos to be created in youtube
  • Kitchen recipe.
  • Travel tips.
  • Comedy videos.
  • Prank videos.
Simple processes of  creating your personal Youtube channel
  • Topic selection.
  • Youtube channel creation.
  • Video Generation(using good quality camera or software).
  • Video uploading.
  • Application for Youtube channel partner program(to make money from videos uploaded).


 Ways to earn money online
Source: Marketing Insider Group

“Blogging is about being yourself and putting what you have into it”. Blogging is a best home based business you can do it without investment.

  • A popular way to earn money online.
  • Requires a lot of time, knowledge, and patience.
  • For blogging, you must create a blog.
  • Publish articles on essential topics.
  • Increase your organic traffic.
  • You will be paid for your blog advertisement.
  • You can earn more than $1000 per month( more than Rs,75,000).
  • If you are a passionate writer who has a desire to publish your article and if you are not able to find your way to do so, you can earn money by starting a blog.
  • It doesn’t need essential technical knowledge but you need to be an expert in the area in which you are writing.
  • This will attract many visitors to your blog site.
  • Through blog building, you can earn lots of profit or get a commission for promoting other people’s products.
  • If creating a blog is difficult, you can develop your passion for writing and jot down your articles for other blogs like PayPerPost(Helium), Weblogs, etc.
  • You can also write an E-book(which is investment free with nil printing and shipping expense).
Websites offering blogging jobs
  • Faber.
  • LearnPick.
  • mydala.
  • My Private Tutor.


 Affiliate Marketing- Ways to earn money online
Source: Kinex media

“Affiliate Marketing has made businesses millions and ordinary people millionaires”.

  • If you are hardworking and serious about making huge money online, then affiliate marketing is the right job for you.
  • More scope for affiliate marketing-because of the high growth of online shopping.
  • One of the best ways to make money online with a knack of selling is to become an affiliate(reseller).
  • You needn’t be the owner of the product.
  • You need to sign up for an affiliate program with a company.
  • Under your referral link, you start selling the products.
  • Through affiliate marketing, you are helping the customers to buy the right product by creating a simple website.
  • In return, you can nearly receive 4% to 20% as commission.
  • You can earn  Rs.1,00,000 per month through affiliate marketing.
Who is an Affiliate?

An affiliate is a person who gets commissioned for selling the product which he/she promotes whether on his website or any other avenue.

Stick on to the steps given below to earn money online from affiliate marketing
  • Signup as a partner on the merchant sites.
  • Get an affiliate link for different products.
  • Start promoting products(Affiliate link on your website/email marketing).
Firms with a large pool of products
OnlineMerchants for affiliate marketing
  • Flipkart.
  • Clickbank.
  • eBay.
  • CJ.
  • Amazon.


Virtual Assistant - Ways to earn money online
Source: India Data Solutions

“A virtual assistant is a blessing in the business who transforms other’s ideas into reality”.

  • Some small businessmen may not be willing to hire a full-time employee but they need help in running their processes.
  • As a virtual assistant, you can help small businessmen by performing administrative tasks that a traditional secretary would do.
  • Example: payment of bills, expense reimbursements, travel reservations, event planning, etc.
  • You can do it comfortably in your house itself by interacting with your clients either online or by phone.
  • The average salary for the job of virtual assistant per month-Rs.20,000.
Who is a virtual assistant?

A personal assistant who earns money by working online for somebody without being physically present.

Jobs did by a virtual assistant
  • Counselling.
  • Proofreading.
  • Writing.
  • Publishing contents.
  • Coding.
  • Marketing.
  • Taking care of website and app development.
  • Research.
Companies with which a virtual assistant can sign up
  • MyTasker.
  • Zirtual.
  • assist.
  • HireMyMom.


Domain Trader - Ways to earn money online
Source: WhoAPI

“The goal of a successful domain trader is to make the best trades”.

  • Another way of earning money online is domain trading.
  • It demands some capital investments for buying domains.
  • A high-profit business which you can do online.
  • First, you must purchase a domain name at a low price and then sell it at a higher price.
  • Buy domains at registration prices and trade them on a profitable basis.
  • You can buy a domain from “GoDaddy” or other domain sites.
  • When companies are not able to identify the domain of their choice, they contact domain owners or traders for business dealings.
  • As a domain trader, you can fix the price and put your domain on auction so that the desired companies can buy the domain directly.
Trade Quality Requirements of a domain trader
  • You need money to buy the domain.
  • Should be an expert in buying and selling domains.
  • Adequate knowledge of buying and selling the domain before you start your business.
  • You must develop skills to identify the name of the domain with future demand.
Skills required
  • Learn to identify domains that are not booked.
  • Identify companies that are interested in buying your domain.
Sites to be referred to sell domain names


Music Reviewer - Ways to earn money online
Source: Promoting The Gospel Through Music

“No matter what culture we are from, all are good music listeners”.

  • Music listeners who are capable enough to write a detailed scientific review are highly suitable for this job.
  • The largest paid music review site on the internet which makes payment to music reviewers is Slicethepie.
  • The earning capacity per review differs from the quality of the review.
  • Your review must be more detailed and constructive.
  • Average salary-10 dollars(Rs.750) per review.
  • The music reviewer can receive the money through direct payments on”PayPal”.
Skill Needed
  • Music listening.
  • Review evaluation.


Website Flipping - Ways to earn money online
Source: MoneyConnexion

“Your website is one of the first impressions that someone will get of your business”.

  • It is a hot business to earn money online.
  • Here, you have to deal with websites.
  • Create a website.
  • Work on it for 3 to 6 months.
  • You can start making money from the created websites.
  • After earning for two to three months, you can put your created website on auction sites such as EmpireFlippers, Flippa, etc.
  • You can get 15 to 20 times the price of your monthly earning from that website.
  • The average salary for website flippers per month-$200(Rs.15,000).
  • It is easy to develop old sites than to create a new site.
  • Only experienced people buy websites.
  • They work for three to four months on these sites and earn double or triple income.


Online Guide Or expert - Ways to earn money online
Source: Clark Howard

“An ultimate guide is needed for online business”.

  • If your close friends need your advice such as how to choose the best car, how to repair appliances, or how to cook a recipe, now it’s your turn to exhibit your expertise and become an online expert guide.
  • As an expert guide, you will be paid a certain percentage of the pre-negotiated price per answer.
  • Through, users agree to pay for the answers provided by trusted sources.
  • The average salary for online guides or experts per month is Rs.20,000 approximately.
Who is an online guide?

They are able-bodied guides who have good communication skills.

Who can go in for this job?
  • Doctors.
  • Lawyers.
  • Veterinarians.
  • Trusted Knowledgeable people.


Source: Money Career-Make Money Online&Career Tips

“Pay To Click is the most effective form of advertising”.

  • If you don’t have enough time and if you want to earn a small income($100 per month-Rs.7500), you can use PTC sites.
  • PTC sites will pay you money for viewing and clicking an advertisement.
  • The payment for clicking the advertisement is a little bit low.
  • Without investing in money, you can register and start earning money with the help of these PTC websites.
PTC Websites


Source: Genuine online Free Jobs

“Earn money every time you go online”.

  • GPT site is another interesting way to earn money online.
  • You can earn a lot of money using GPT websites.
Various types of tasks provided through GPT sites
  • Clicking ads.
  • Playing Games.
  • Survey completion.
  • Completing promotion offers.
GPT sites
  • Swagbucks.


Source: MoneyConnexion

“Save time by becoming a captcha solver”.

  • If you are enjoying a lot of leisure hours, you can add extra income in your pocket by working as a captcha solver.
  • It is one of the easiest ways to earn money online from home.
  • You must read the captcha images and type the characters exactly.
  • Do the work very fastly to earn a better income.
  • You must know to solve a captcha.
  • By saving each captcha, you can earn money.
  • If you solve a thousand captchas, you will earn $2 (Rs.150)
Websites to be referred to become a captcha solver
  • MegaTypers.
  • Captchatypers.


Source: WordClerks

“Breathe new life into the recorded content by transcribing”.

  • Medical transcription-making wrote copies of oral material dictated by medical experts and practitioners.
  • It includes clinical notes, reports, letters, physical reports, consultation notes, psychiatric evaluation.
  • Dictated material must be transcribed swiftly and accurately.
  • To become a medical transcriptionist, you must have sound knowledge of medical terms and high typing speed with accuracy.
  • For transcribing files, you can earn 25 dollars(Rs.2000) per audio.
  • Competitors such as Scribie pay 25 dollars per hour.
  • Fiverr members -offer medical transcription services for 30 dollars per audio hour.
  • Exam Practice also provides transcription jobs.


Source: easyWays

“Make money with your smartphone”.

  • Various apps are available online that helps you to earn money using your smartphone.
  • You have to complete a few tasks and surveys to earn money with these online apps.
  • There are 20 money-making apps you can install in your smartphone to get an income of $200 to$300. (Rs.15,000 to Rs.25,000).
  • You can conduct simple surveys, complete offers by signing up on other websites, watch videos, and play games.
  • It is a less time-consuming method.

Money making apps that you can install in your smartphone

  • Google Opinion Rewards.
  • Make Money.
  • Rakuten Ebates.
  • Robinhood.
  • Ibotta.
  • Shopkick.
  • Field Agent.
  • DietBet.
  • StepBet.
  • Sweatcoin.
  • Foap.
  • Slidejoy.


Source: FlexJobs

“Free Lancing is a serious business”.

  • It is another famous way to earn money online after blogging and affiliate marketing.
  • A freelancer can work with small or big companies on temporary grounds and provide the services.
  • You can work as a web designer, graphic designer, content writer, and provide services like data entry, digital marketing, video testimonials, and SEO.
  • Freelancers and small businessmen offer project ideas and bids from which the customers can choose the most suitable ones.
  • Elance- a website that covers everything from programming and writing to data entry and design.
  • RentACoder-software programme.
Who is a freelancer?

Freelancer is an expert professional in their respective trades and knows how to satisfy customers.

Popular websites to be referred


Source: Indian Online Seller

“Be an Online Seller by getting to know your customers and meeting their needs”.

  • It is not like traditional selling.
  • For traditional selling, you don’t have a wider scope of selling your products outside your local market but in online selling, you can sell your product all over the globe.
Two ways of online sales

1)Create your website and sell your products through your website.

Steps to be pursued:

  • Roam around your city.
  • Identify the best products to be sold on these sites.
  • Trace out the wholesalers and retailers who can sell your products at high discount rates.
  • Finally, list these products in shopping portals like Amazon and eBay.
  • Make money by selling at a higher price.

2)Become an online seller on any famous shopping portal such as Snapdeal, eBay, Flipkart, Amazon, etc.

  • The second way is much better for you to get more number of customers through the famous portals.


Source: SIClytics-Cloud Calling&Analytics

“The success of a good telemarketer is based on the level of his/ her patience”.

  • If you decide to work as a telemarketer, you will be paid on an hourly basis and earn incentives and commissions based on your performance.
  • Some companies hire home-based workers to attend the calls.
  • Average salary per month-(Rs.15,000)
Job Requirements
  • Skilful communicator.
  • Well organized and customer service experienced person.
Companies hiring home-based workers
  • Indeed.


Source: The Endicia Blog

“The best Photoseller is the golden touch of mediocre talent”.

  • Good photos of people, homes, things, places, and nature are heavily demanded by people.
  • You can take high-quality pictures of nature, people, places, homes, things, dishes and sell them online.
  • These photos are used for making advertisements.
  • If you are a good and talented photographer, you can sell your photos online and earn money.
Steps to be followed to sell photos online
  • Register on websites like iStockPhoto, Shutterstock, and Photobucket.
  • Upload your unique photos with a price tag.
  • When somebody purchases your photo you will be paid as per the price fixed by you.


Source: Alvexo

“The secret of being successful in stock and forex trading is to have an unquenchable thirst for information and knowledge.

  • A very lucrative way to earn money online for those who have good knowledge of marketing.
  • Many numbers of free or paid courses are available on the internet.
  • You can make use of the net source and train yourself for stock and forex trading.
  • Read the newspaper like economic times to get adequate information about changes in the stock markets.
  • Watch TV channels like CNBC.

It is highly risky for you to enter into this trading field without adequate knowledge about stock markets and foreign exchange reserves.

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