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Best Places to Visit in Singapore in November

Singapore is a very beautiful island city-state made up of 62 other islets, in addition to its largest island, located at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula. Singapore finally achieved independence from the British Empire in 1963 after the British East India Company started employing it as a trade hub in  1819. Two years later, Singapore attained complete sovereign independence and embarked on a growth binge as an Asian Tiger economy.

Singapore currently provides a comforting fusion between history and contemporary, creating a distinctive identity, a synthesis wherein religions and cultures blend effortlessly. In addition, Lion City hosts global attractions like the Singapore Eye, Gardens by the Bay, Marina Sands Bay, and numerous more, giving visitors a plethora of opportunities to discover and explore.

What is unique about November in Singapore?

Beginning of a Holiday Season: November heralds the beginning of the holiday season, which implies there are many things one should watch and do in the town. The most significant part about November is that it isn’t still the holiday season, so visitors should not anticipate the city being crowded with people. That occurs from December through June. Thus, people benefit from the holiday season without the associated congestion!

The mean temperature of Singapore stays consistent throughout the year, so the country has relatively variable weather. The town is a little less humid throughout November, partially thanks to higher than customary rainfall. It is the ideal time to take in Singapore’s splendor due to the cool weather, which comes well before the rains.

Festivals and Events: Singapore hosts a significant variety of events and festivals during November, which is another reason to consider visiting. With a fun, 10-day run that encompasses everything from street performers to the magician who takes over the sidewalks of Orchard Road, the Singaporean Rivers Busker’s Festival reigns supreme.

List Of the Best Places to Visit in Singapore in November

1. Universal Studios

When traveling to Singapore in November, spend a while at Universal Studios, located on the Sentosa Islands. Spending quality time here with this family is a great activity. Its success can be explained by the fact that this is an ideal amusement park with various eateries, including cafés, shopping centers, and interactive shows, in conjunction with its fun-filled and intervention attractions. One can visit Singapore in November because, at that time, it has the best atmosphere where one can find peace.

2. Singapore Zoo & Rainforest Lumina

With this great package, visitors can visit both Singapore Zoo and an exhilarating night safari, two equally enjoyable as well as fascinating attractions. First, visit the various areas of the Singapore Zoo to discover more about creatures, including pandas, elephants, lions, and much more. To improve the overall experience, there are elevated platforms, panoramic telescopes, and underwater galleries. After which, embark on a night safari in a 40-hectare tropical forest that users will not soon forget. The adventure is comprehensive and unlike anyone else throughout the 40-minute ride thru the jungle. Usually, November is the best time to visit the zoo, carrying the most beautiful weather to watch the creatures.

3. Wave House Sentosa

Have you wished to study how and where to surf? Visitors have had the amazing opportunity to surf or catch the surf at Wave House Sentosa. One may practice surfing on 10-foot FlowBarrel, which is only available at Wave House. It gives surfers an ideal wave. Wave House is an exhilarating beachside playground that manages to combine skateboarding, winter sports, and surfing to generate an amazing experience. One should choose the month of November as it is the best-known month for the one who loves to surf.

4. S.E.A. Aquarium

One is left gaping at the more than eight hundred species of aquatic animals on display at the South-East Asian (S.E.A.) Aquarium as you see them in their very natural settings. Like Singapore Zoo, the aquarium has region-specific zones like the Red Sea, South China Sea etc. Visiting the sea aquarium is made for the time of November as it is the most suited month for the sea life.

5. Orchard Road

Orchard Road is a must-visit site whether you’re visiting Singapore in November because it is a typical avenue with constant movement from individuals, cars, and businesses. Furthermore, this area is a central city hub for entertainment and shopping activities because it contains 22 malls and four movie theatres. In addition, the area is lined with numerous cafés and eateries where you can stop for a quick bite or find some shelter from the sudden downpours.

Due to Singapore’s unpredictable weather in November, visitors can always choose some less well-known but pleasant indoor activities to avoid unexpected showers or the extreme heat in some places. Therefore, the best time to visit this wonderful location is in November because the weather is still pleasant and laid back.

6. Singapore Flyer

The Singapore Flyer, technically the second-tallest Ferris wheel in the world, is best referred to as Singapore’s answer to The London Eye. Visitors who ascend to the highest point on the 165-meter-tall Ferris wheel will be treated to stunning views over Singapore and its surrounding nations, like Malaysia and Indonesia. One can get the most of the time at Singapore Flyer by adding exciting extras like a romantic dinner or a night spin.

It offers breathtaking views of downtown and is Singapore’s counterpart to The London Eye. It was made publicly accessible after being Asia’s largest giant viewing wheel for a time. November is the best month to visit such a place because of the weather. One can trek this region in November because, at that time, it has less chance of rain, so it is easy to do trekking.

7. Madame Tussauds

Discover one favorite worldwide celebrity up-close and personal at the famous Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. A thirty-minute participatory performance at this museum, in addition to showcasing global celebrities, showcases Singapore’s storied past. Serena Williams, Madonna, Queen Elizabeth II, Leo DiCaprio, Michael Jackson, Cristiano Ronaldo, Angelina Jolie, and numerous others are only a handful of the icons that can get their pic taken alongside.

8. Jurong Bird Park

Given the number of zoos and gardens inside the city, it is obvious that Singapore places top importance on environmental tourism. The Jurong Bird Park is another gem in Singapore’s vast natural collection. The park has an area of 20.2 hectares and is home to more than four hundred different bird species and more than five thousand actual birds! The park is divided into 27 aviaries, all of which visitors can explore, providing the birds with their native surroundings. The fantastic time to visit is November. During this time of year, it has incredible temperatures and fresh mornings, and you can relax while enjoying.

9. Sentosa Segway Tour

With this thrilling segway trip, explore the whole of Sentosa’s beautiful and iconic locations. Ride to triumph as you pass by Sentosa’s beautiful beaches, like Palawan, Silos, and Tanjong. The segway tour provides great fun and includes an educated and entertaining guide who might fill you in here on Singapore’s history. Visitors will not be concerned about going in a big group is the greatest thing about this Segway tour of Sentosa. Only ten people are permitted to participate in one group at a time.

10. Merlion Park

The Merlion, a landmark in Singapore that views Marina Bay and is found near the Central Business District, is very well worth a look. The venue is accessible for free and opens between about. The best thing to do in this location would be to walk around the grounds, snap photos in front of the statue, and enjoy the surroundings. Especially for Singapore Merlion park in November, many animals are active on those days.

Singapore’s climate in November:

Given that both November and October fall inside the pre-Northeast monsoons, the weather in Singapore is similar to that in October. There will probably be another afternoon or evening rainstorms throughout this season. The great thing regarding Singapore’s monsoons is that these rainstorms do not even stay very long, preserving the day’s activities. Always have a tiny umbrella with you so individuals won’t be trapped in the rain. November’s normal low and high temperatures are 31.1°C & 24.3°C, correspondingly. November does have the second-highest rainfall data amount of 258.5 millimeters.


Singapore’s climate is typically reliable and therefore suitable for visitors throughout the year for sightseeing. The best time to visit Singapore is from July to November, though, if one wishes to avoid crowds.

Singapore’s proximity to the equator makes the whole year usually quite humid. The only major difference in November is the increased amount of rainfall. As a result, the average daily high is about 31.1°C, and the typical night low is around 24.3°C.

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