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How to maintain mental and physical health during Covid-19?

The entire world is hooked up in this global pandemic of Covid-19. This year has immensely been very tough for all of us as it has been very challenging be it in terms of health, nutrition, or job security. Amidst all this, it is very important to maintain mental and physical health. This virus has stopped the function of our daily routine and has been taking millions of people’s life.

Until a proper vaccine is out, this situation is going to be our normal. And we have to learn ourselves to merge with this new scenario. Wearing masks, using sanitizers, and maintaining social distancing has become very crucial and a challenging task. But we have to help one another in maintaining this decorum so that we all can together fight against this disease.

We have to take care of the people around us, and also help each other to keep up with their mental and physical health. Mental and physical health are interconnected. Caring for the mind is as important, and crucial as caring for the body. The fact is that one cannot be healthy without the other. Let’s go through on how to maintain mental and physical health during Covid-19.

How to maintain mental and physical health?

1. Mental well-being

Mental well-being


  • Practice Mindfulness :

Practicing mindfulness is extremely important as that will help you to keep better control of your mind. Be aware of the present, and don’t let your mind sink into depression or isolation. Maintain mental peace within your soul and be free from all tensions.

  • Breathing exercise :

Mind breathing that is to keep a count on your breathing will help you to overcome stress and anxiety. Focus on your breathing and do breathing exercises daily. This will truly help you to improve concentration and remain focused.

  • Try meditation :

During this lockdown period, we all have become extremely impatient, intolerant, stressful, and arrogant. In order to overcome all these meditation would be a good option as it helps in managing stress, increases our tolerance level, and makes us feel calm.

  • Limit news consumption to only trusted sources :

It is very important to rely upon trusted sources like WHO about the virus and the upcoming cases. So many fake news is out, so don’t fall prey for it and create unnecessary tension and anxiety. Balance your time spent on social media and utilize your time doing other activities like reading, dancing, drawing, playing instruments, etc.

  • Appropriate use of social media :

We all are very anxious to share information on social media. But we must always think twice before posting anything in social media on to how genuine and how relevant the information is. By sharing fake news we can mislead others and this may end up affecting many people’s lives even without we knowing.

  • Be generous and kind to others :

All are facing shortages of the necessary items. And it has become very important to store all the essential stuff as no one knows what can happen next. Also, think for others on to whether they are also getting the essential stuff or no. This will develop a sense of community and ensure equal access to things to all.

  • Don’t stigmatize and practice empathy :

We should never discriminate or stigmatize the virus affected people. This can have negative consequences in the minds of the affected individuals and can also create an environment of mistrust and also discourage the affected individuals from reporting and treating themselves. Be kind and show empathy towards one another and help each other to overcome the problems faced in the pandemic.

  • Stay virtually connected with family and friends :

Face to face interactions won’t be possible now for quite long. So maintain your relations with your family and friends and stay connected with the outside world.

2. Physical well-being :

Physical well-being


  • Set a routine :

Set a daily routine for yourself on how well will you utilize your day. This will help you from wasting time unnecessarily and help you utilize the best of the time that you have got.

  • Eat healthy food :

We have to build our immunity in order to fight against all such diseases. Hence it is very important to eat healthy and nutritious food and this will help you to maintain good physical health.

  • Get enough sleep :

Sleep is very essential to maintain a healthy body. We keep on spending hours and hours on phones and other electronic devices and sacrifice our sleep for entertainment. We should always get enough sleep in order to always stay healthy and fit.

  • Practice yoga/exercise :

Practicing yoga or doing exercise daily will help you to remain healthy and fit during this lockdown. As we are staying full time in the house, we have a lack of movement and we tend to become lazier and lazier. Hence by doing all such exercises we can be more active and energetic.

  • Maximize productivity while working from home :

We all have reached into a condition of work from home, education from home, etc. Hence it is very important that we use the best of the time available to us and maximize the productivity in whatever we do.

  • Reduce screen time :

It is very true that electronic devices have helped us a lot from being bored and isolated during this lockdown. But we have to also see into the side effects as it can affect and damage our eyes and even increase headaches. It is better that we reduce the screen time and keep yourself always healthy and fit.

  • Volunteer :

During this pandemic, all the doctors and nurses are struggling and working day and night for us. Help them by being a health volunteer, by donating blood, by doing online donations, by supplying food and other essentials. As responsible individuals, it is our duty to help others during this pandemic.

Be positive

The ultimate goal of a blessed life is physical health and mental serenity. So help each other during this pandemic in all possible ways and live as responsible individuals of the society. We are in this together and we will get through this together.

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