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Weight loss breakfast – Healthy Breakfast Foods to Lose Weight

Weight loss and being healthy are two very important things. Staying healthy and fit is necessary for every person.

Exercising every day, eating a healthy and balanced diet should always one of the top priorities of anyone. However, considering yourself ugly because of your weight is the most unnecessary thing there is to ever exist.

All body shapes are beautiful, it doesn’t matter If your stomach has rolled or if you have six-pack abs. Everyone person is beautiful in every shape or form they exist.

If you’re reading this article because someone or even your self made you feel ugly for not having the perfect figure, then this would be the perfect time for you to listen to ‘What makes you beautiful’ by One direction and forget that voice in your head exists.

Cut out the toxic people from your life who make you feel bad for your body. You are beautiful just the way you are. Having the perfect figure also doesn’t give you the liberty of bullying anyone into feeling bad about their body. Live and let live.

However, if you believe and yourself make the decision that you would like to some weight, then this is just the article for you.

Starting by monitoring your meals and bringing small changes such as what you eat for breakfast is very important.
We bring you the best breakfast that will help you to lose weight.


Consuming the wrong food can increase your craving for more food throughout the day and thus would be the wrong way to begin your day.

Some of the ideas for Weight loss breakfast would be –

1. EGGS – Eggs are rich in protein and are full of vitamins and minerals.

Due to the high level of protein, eggs help in reducing the appetite once they are eaten as breakfast and thus give a serious boost to weight loss.

You can boil then, scramble them, or make an omelet. Eggs along with some healthy vegetables can make one delicious and healthy breakfast.

Best Weight loss breakfast (Egg)

2. BANANAS – Bananas make a great breakfast because they are rich in fiber but low in calories. If you’re someone who loves their morning cereal but is also aware that they shouldn’t eat it every day if they wish to lose weight, bananas are a great sugary alternative.

You can put sliced bananas on top of your yogurt or your oatmeal.

You can add a banana with other vegetables or fruits and make yourself a smoothie.

Best Weight loss breakfast (Bananas)

3. YOGURT – Yogurt is a delicious and satisfying breakfast. Greek yogurt, in particular, is full of protein.

Studies have shown eating high protein yogurt helped in decreasing hunger and thus reduced the food intake throughout the day.

You can mix your yogurt with fruits, some chia seeds, etc.


4. SMOOTHIES – Smoothies are not only delicious but are also very easy and quick to make. They provide a good deal of nutrients.

The great thing about smoothies is that you can customize it on your terms. You can go crazy and mix different types of low-calorie fruits and vegetables and it will give you a good and healthy breakfast.

You can also put other stuff like protein powder, nuts, seeds to fight off the cravings.

However, smoothies can become unhealthy and full of calories instantly if you put a lot of high-calorie ingredients. So make sure everything you put in is also healthy.

Best Weight loss breakfast (Smoothies)

5. BERRIES – Berries are full of nutrients and low in calories breakfast options. These include strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries.

They provide vitamins, minerals, and are also rich in fiber, this helps in reducing hunger and food Intakes.

A study showed that a daily serving of berries associated with 0.5 kg of weight loss over four years. Add the berries in your daily smoothie, put it in your oatmeal, or have it with yogurt. This delicious option that helps in weight loss is a lifesaver.

Best Weight loss breakfast (Berries)

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6. COFFEE – Great news for you caffeine addicts. Coffee aids in weight loss and also helps in boosting the metabolism and fat burning.

According to a study in eight men, Consumption of coffee increased metabolism by 13% and also enhanced fat breakdown.

It, however, doesn’t make a balanced diet on its own. You can but pair it with a healthy breakfast and thus give your morning meal a delicious upgrade.

You should make sure to not overdo the sugar or the creamer as they are high in calories and thus can make the coffee unhealthy.

Coffee for weight loss

7. GREEN TEA – Green tea is the one ingredient you will find in almost all diet pills. It has been studied and found to increase metabolism and has fat burning capacity.

A small study showed taking three capsules of green tea extract can speed up the metabolism and increase calorie burning over 24 hours by 4%.

You can make your green tea better in taste by squeezing some lemon juice in it, adding some honey in it, or brewing it with ginger or mint and thus bring a tasty twist to your cup of tea.

Green Tea (Best Weight loss breakfast)

8. OATMEAL – Oats are low in calories but rich in fiber and protein, these two are very essential when it comes to weight loss.

Oats are a great source of beta-glucan, a type of fiber proven to help everything from heart health to immune function.

It also helps in balancing the blood sugar levels. You can combine your oatmeal with berries, flaxseeds, almonds, and make yourself one good bowl of healthy breakfast.


9. CHIA SEEDS Chia seeds are tiny but are a very powerful breakfast supplement.

They’re rich in fiber. They have the ability to absorb water and form gel, this helps in expanding your stomach and helping you to keep it feeling fuller for longer.

They’re all high in protein and can reduce the level of ghrelin, the hormone responsible for stimulating hunger.

A study found that eating chia seeds baked with white bread helped in reducing both appetites and also blood sugar levels.

Chia Seeds (Best Breakfast for weight loss)

10. NUTS – Nuts are rich in fiber and protein. According to studies adding nuts to a Mediterranean diet helped in reducing the waist circumference. However, eating a lot of nuts can be harmful as they are also very calorie-dense. Thus, the amount of intake should be limited to about one ounce at a time to keep the calories in check.
You can mix them with Yogurt, or make a homemade granola bar with them.

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