How to apply makeup: The complete step by step guide

How to apply makeup: The complete step by step guide

Makeup instantly covers all the impurities and flaws of your skin, makes your face glow instantly, enhance s the features and, enhances beauty overall.

Let us all agree looking flawless and presentable is the basic requirement for the modern-day world, and makeup helps you do just that. You can achieve your favorite looks in no time if you have an idea about how to apply makeup.

We all must agree that if the makeup you apply looks caky, doesn’t match your skin tone, the application is improper and if it looks unnatural, it doesn’t look good. Makeup must look as it is your second skin, flawless and magnificent. For this, you need to learn how to apply makeup, but not all of us can afford to go to big institutes for learning how to apply makeup properly.

Here is a beginners’ guide on how to apply makeup with full effectiveness and efficiency.

Step 1  – Cleanse your face

The first and the most basic step is to cleanse your face with a cleanser, face wash or, cleansing foam. Choose the cleanser that best suits your skin type.

Do not forget to wash your hands with a handwash or soap before you touch your face.

Step 2 – Moisturise your face

Moisturizing your face is the must for every skin type as it makes your skin look smooth and ready. Many people tend to skip this step while they apply makeup thinking that it would make their skin look oily and there is no need for it as they are going to apply makeup. But this is not how it goes, applying moisturizer makes the skin even more ready for the makeup application.

Step 3 – Applying sunscreen

Apply makeup doesn’t make you skip the application of sunscreen. Sunscreen is a must even if you apply makeup. This will protect your skin from harmful rays of the sun.

Step 4 – Flawless base

Building a flawless base for your makeup is a must otherwise the application would not be proper. Flawless base means the base shouldn’t look cakey and unnatural. It should be blended properly into your skin. The base includes primer, foundation, and concealer.


Primer is a transparent product that is applied on the face after moisturizing it as it covers up the pores on the skin and giving a smooth and even surface for the further application of other products like foundation.

Primer is not compulsory for beginners.


Applying a foundation is trickier than it looks. Right from choosing the right foundation for your skin to applying accurately, it involves a lot of struggle but once you learn it your makeup becomes flawless.

How to choose the right foundation for your skin type and tone

For choosing the right foundation for your skin type you first need to know your skin type whether it is oily, dry, normal, or combination.

The one with oily skin type can identify their skin easily as a shine always remains on their skin because of excessive sebum produced by their skin. They should opt for a foundation whose formula is water-based and not cream-based.

The one with dry skin type can identify their skin type by feeling irritated on the skin and dull skin. They should opt for cream-based products.

Normal skin type is the luckiest one as they can use any product they want.

The combination skin is the trickiest one as it is addressed with oily T zone i.e. the forehead and the nose and the rest of the face is dry. They should go to gel-based products.

How to choose the correct foundation for your skin tone

To choose the correct foundation for skin tone you need to test it on your neck or some part of your face if it blends seamlessly that is the correct foundation for your skin.


Concealer helps cover up all the flaws of your skin like blackheads, pimple marks, dark circles and further giving an even base for your skin.

How to apply the base properly

Flawlessly applying in the base as entire makeup depends on the base. For this purpose, you need to apply the product onto the skin in dotted form and then with the use of beauty blender, makeup brush or your fingers make the product evenly applied on the skin in dabbing motion. Spend a good time blending your product with your skin to get a flawless and even base.

Step 4 – Setting the base

The next step to apply the makeup is setting up the base with help of translucent powder or loose powder or a compact powder. For this purpose take some powder onto the brush and then apply it underneath your eyes and over your nose and let it sit for some time. Then brush it off with help of a brush.

You can also apply this loose powder on your entire face, this would help your makeup last long as it would avoid sweating and absorb sweat if any.

Step 5 – Eye makeup

Eye makeup makes your face look different instantly. However the colors you use to your eyes highly depend on the kind of look you are trying to achieve and what dress are you wearing. For example: if you want to achieve a neutral look for a day out with friends or a date then you would choose subtle colors for your eyes. On the contrary, if you are going for a party you would go for bold colors and bold look of eyes.

How to apply eyeshadow

For applying the eyeshadow take the color you want and blend it on your crease and then take another color to put it on your eyelid and then blend it all over and blend should be done perfectly to avoid having unnatural a cakey look.

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How to apply eyeliner

To apply an eyeliner begin from the middle of your eyes and then take it towards the outer side in small strokes and then after it being done take it towards the inner corner of your eyes. Eyeliner makes you look different instantly.

For completing the eye look take the eyeshadow you applied and apply it underneath your lower waterline and blend it out. This will make your eye makeup even more finished up.

You can also take a white kajal pencil and then put it on the inner corner of your eyes this will make your eyes look instantly bigger.

Step 6 – Blush

Applying blush gives your face a rosy glow we all love. To apply blush take some product on your brush and then apply it on your apple of the cheeks, for finding the apple of your cheeks smile as you do and you may easily find out. Then complete the process by blending the product all over.

Step 7 – Lipstick

For applying the lipstick begin with lining your lips, take a liner or lipstick and start following the natural shape of your lips with the liner. Then fill in your lips with that liner and then fill your lips with the lipstick you want to apply.

Step 8 – finishing

If you want your face to glow instantly, you can use highlighter on the features of your face like nose, forehead or cheeks.

After that use a setting spray to set your makeup to make it last longer.

Check yourself in the light and you are ready to go.

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