10 Beauty Tips You Need to Try at Home - Homemade Beauty Tips

10 Beauty Tips You Need to Try at Home

Beauty tips range from makeup do’s and don’ts, to different hairstyles, all the way to the best skincare routines, and are quite endless. We’ve all had our fair share buying endless amounts of beauty products and watching videos on how best to use them. Yet sometimes, we run into a dead-end and eventually give up trying to maintain everything.

Have no fear, here are some beauty tips from famous beauty editors who themselves have faced ups and downs and finally found the best advice.

The Best Beauty Tips at Home

The Secret to Getting Long and Thick Lashes

Instead of going to a salon and getting a serum treatment, or using several chemicals to try and grow your lashes, you can simply try a few easy and proven methods at home.

Beauty Tips You Need to Try at Home

  • Coconut oil – This oil is known for its thickening and nurturing abilities and helps in regrowth of lashes. You can combine it with aloe vera gel and apply it to your lashes for a better effect.
  • Shea butter – Apply this butter to your eyelashes right before bed and wash it off as soon as you wake up. As it is rich in vitamins A and E, it strengthens the hair follicles and helps in growth.
  • Castor oil – Remember to apply this oil gently on your eyelashes as it is quite thick. Filled with essential fatty acids, this gives you the best results in a week.

Use Green Tea Face Masks for Flawless Skin

Adding green tea leaves to a face pack or using these leaves to steam your face has been shown to give you flawless skin.

Usually, green tea is known for its detoxifying effects as a herbal drink, but using it as a face mask is a lesser-known but amazing beauty tip recommended by professionals.

To make this face mask as home, just mix green tea leaves, sugar, and cream. This combination has the exfoliating effect of sugar, the hydrating effect of the cream, and the antioxidants of the leaves to give you the best results.

Placing green tea bags over your eyelids is also a great way to get rid of those pesky dark circles. It also removes the puffiness and stiffness of the skin around your eyes.

Get Rid of Split Ends 

Some of the best ways to fight split ends instead of getting a haircut might just be lying around in your kitchen.

  • Aloe vera – Applying aloe vera gel to your hair and leaving it in place for at least half an hour can do wonders. This gel removes dead cells and has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that will cure your split ends.
  • Egg yolk – A hair mask made from mixing egg yolk, olive oil, almond oil, and honey is the best beauty tip for getting rid of split ends. Egg yolk has tons of protein and acts as both a moisturizer and conditioner for your hair.

Remove Makeup Before Bed

The entire body rejuvenates itself when sleeping and this, of course, includes the skin.

Remember to use a makeup remover gently at night time to cleanse your face and then apply moisturizer for hydration.

Remove Makeup Before Bed (Best Beauty Tips)

These are some of the effects of not removing makeup before bed:

  • Since makeup products are oily, it clogs the pores on your faces which leads to more acne and blackheads.
  • It can lead to getting wrinkles at an earlier age

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Don’t Wash Your Hair Everyday 

Washing your hair everyday defeats the purpose of rejuvenating your hair using oils, hair masks, etc.

When you shampoo your hair daily, it removes the natural and essential oils in your hair that keep it healthy.

This will end up causing

  • More split ends
  • Dullness in hair
  • Losing hair colour

Apply Sunscreen Daily

Beauty experts have mentioned that most people don’t realize that this is a beauty tip until its too late.

When you’re still young, the skin will be bright and healthy, but as you grow older you tend to realize how much your skin depends on the care you give it.

This can lead to fine lines, discolouration, and dark spots as you get older if you don’t apply sunscreen as a part of your daily routine.

Use Non-Comedogenic Products

Non-comedogenic products are those that don’t clog up pores and cause breakouts. These types of products are preferable for those who get acne easily.

Non-Comedogenic Products (It's also best beauty tips)

You can find out of a product is comedogenic or not by the number rating on it. A higher number will indicate that it is comedogenic whereas a lower number indicates that it is non-comedogenic.

Get Rid of Cracked Heels by Using Natural Scrubs

Although moisturizers and creams may work on cracked heels for a short time, there are a few simple beauty tips involving everyday ingredients that can get rid of cracked heels once and for all.

  • Lemon and sugar scrub – Cut a lemon in half and then dip it into a few spoons of sugar. Use this to scrub your heels every day until they become soft.
  • Oil or Vaseline – Apply oil or Vaseline to your feet every night before sleeping and cover your feet with socks so that it does not dry up. Castor oil is said to have the best results.

Layer Skincare Products the Right Way

When we apply makeup to our faces, such as foundation, blush, concealer, etc. there is a right and orderly way of doing it.

It’s important to start with thin and watery products and then end with the thickest ones at the end.

The skin is like a sponge and easily absorbs everything, so if you apply something heavy in the beginning, it will block out every product after it.

Moisturize Your Skin Correctly

Moisturize Your Skin Correctly (Best Beauty Tips)

Most of the time we might not notice that different skin types need different nourishment. Make sure to choose a moisturizer with hydrating ingredients such as hyaluronic acid or water-based formula.

  • People with dry skin should choose creams with a beeswax base.
  • If you have oily skin, look for an ingredient called dimethicone or natural silicone in your moisturizer.
  • Finally, for those with normal or combination skin, you can find moisturizers with mineral oils and dimethicone.

Remember, true beauty is about how well you take care of yourself. A lot of people have realized in their thirties that if they had taken care of their skin just a few years ago, they might have ended up with better results.

The best beauty tips and products are usually found naturally at home, so instead of finding different chemicals to use, just check the kitchen instead. Home remedies are also more long-lasting than what we find at stores.

Besides these ten best beauty tips, don’t forget to keep a healthy lifestyle by exercising regularly and maintaining a good diet for the best results.

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