Monsoon Hair Care Routine| Monsoon Hair Care can be easy

Monsoon Hair Care Routine

Monsoon is at its peak in India and we encounter frequent showers these days. There are infinite things that we love of monsoon. That characteristic smell of soil when rain falls on it, Ahh! Those tiny drops of water when falling on your hand, and on everything around, flowers bloom out in joy, earth smiles through them, nature rejuvenates and refreshes and every creature enjoys the season as a blessing. Such is the magnificence of monsoons in our lives!

But, the dark side is experienced by our skin and hair. Unfortunately, this season your hair becomes all the more prone to frizz, damage, and fall and your skin becomes dull, oily, and acne-prone. Well, they are among the gifts of monsoon and we cannot change them. But we definitely can do our bits to help ourselves.
So this monsoon, don’t sit idle and watch your hair damage! It’s kind of difficult to undo the damage already done to the hair. So, as said, prevention is better than cure, it’s always better to adopt preventive measures than healing methods.

This monsoon, along with learning how to cook malpudas and kheer, let’s learn Monsoon Hair Care Routine in easy and simple ways.

  • Wash your hair after a Rain-dance

Love getting wet in rain but hair always stop you? This hits differently, I understand! The rainwater contains a lot of impurities that get into your hair when you get wet and thus damage your hair. But, no more worries. The solution is as simple as giving your hair a fresh-water wash after a rain-wash and all impurities are gone. So, next time whenever you wish to get drenched in the rain, don’t think and just go out! But do remember to wash your hair afterward.

  • Dry your hair in the right way

Rainwater can be a contributor not only to hair thinning and breakage but also to loosen the roots of the hair on the scalp. This weather is also highly inappropriate to try out new styling trends as most styling trends tend to be done when hair is damp. The issue with this is that damp hair is hair that has inherently lost moisture, and therefore very prone to breakage. Therefore, it is recommended that you dry your hair with a towel as gently as possible and avoid hair dryers since they tend to hair thinning and hair fall. It is also a good idea to find a mild hair serum that aids in strengthening your hair and use a gentle shampoo and conditioner as far as possible for getting monsoon hair care.

  • Condition your Hair

Say a big YES to conditioners. Keep your hair conditioned and protected and don’t let the humid climate trouble you. But choosing the right conditioner for your hair is very important. Consider your hair type and texture before going into one.

  • Oil your hair regularly

The benefits of oiling cannot be stressed enough. Oiled hair doesn’t allow chemicals into your scalp, thus preventing it from a great deal of damage. But again, the choice of oil is as important. Do consider your hair type and texture before choosing the one.

  • Use Coconut Oil

Preconditioning your hair 15 minutes before cleaning it using a shampoo can help in dealing with an array of hair problems. Also, it can nourish your tresses with its fatty acid and protein content. If you wish to strengthen your hair and effectively deal with frizziness, coconut oil is what you need to use.

  • Tie the Hair

Keep your hair tied as much as possible. This would ensure moisture lock in the scalp and also prevent the entry of unwanted chemicals.

  • Get yourself a cut

A haircut is an easy way to reduce the stress of hair maintenance. If you have ever wished to cut your hair short but were unsure about it, this is the best time.  Short hair is relatively easier to maintain and keep healthy during the monsoon.

  • Use masks

Attempt to make and apply hair masks by following do-it-yourself instructions to whip these up at home. You can often make organic shampoos and conditions by using ingredients from the kitchen. These homemade creations do not contain the chemicals commonly found in hair care products.

  • Cover them up

Protect from the humidity, sun rays, dirty water, etc from reaching your hair. Always carry a good hat or scarf to cover up when you are traveling outside. Covering up the hair ensures that pollution, dirt, or humidity doesn’t reach your hair or make any damages.

  • Go for a spa

A hair spa is an extensive hydrating treatment for the hair that rejuvenates, nourishes, and adds health to the hair. Depending upon your hair quality go for an at-home hair spa. Adding yogurt, egg whites, avocado, banana, olive oil, or even aloe vera to your hair pack can nourish the hair and give you a flawless look. You can also get a spa treatment at a salon!

  • Don’t color them

Hair coloring and bleaching are a big no-no! Hair coloring and bleaching at the core makes your hair cuticles vulnerable. The humidity in the air and the dirt and grime may get settled in your scalp.

  • Avoid heat styling your hair during this season

The humidity sucks out the natural moisture from your hair and heat styling just makes it worse. Try to keep your hairstyles basic and simple and avoid using too many styling tools and products on your hair.

  • Eat Right

Saying no to your junk food craving and eating a healthy diet of protein, minerals, and calcium-rich foods will keep your hair healthy, thick, and gorgeous even in the rainy season. Including fresh fruits and vegetables is another thing that you must follow if you wish to add life to your hair and avoid hair fall during monsoon at all costs.

These were some of the hair care tips that you can follow this monsoon and protect your tresses from every problem that the season brings. Make sure you make a routine of your own and follow it regularly for your hair. Monsoon Hair Care can be quite easy this way!

I hope you found the information helpful. Feel free to ask any queries in the comment section and also, do share your hair care routine. Wishing you all a joyous monsoon and healthy hair throughout.

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