How to reduce body fat at home?(simple and easy methods)

How to reduce body fat at home?

Do you want to reduce body fat for health reasons, or want to attend an event, or are you willing to fit back into the dresses that don’t fit you now? The reason may be any but the decision of reducing body fat is long term as it would help you with your health and also getting back into the shape.

Do you have time to follow a diet chart with numerous points mentioned in it? Do you have time to go to the gym and sweat it out? Do you have enough resources to pay the heavy membership fees for the gyms and heavy fees to the doctors? The answer would be no for many of us, as many of us cannot afford it. But if there are some easy methods to reduce body fat at home, then who would not like to shed it off!

Here are some easy methods to reduce body fat at home.

1. Cut down on refined carbs

Refined carbs v/s good carbs

These include sugars and refined grains from which all nutrients and fibres have been stripped off.

When you eat refined carbs, your stomach feels empty soon after the meal, making you crave for even more sugary carbs. This can cause you to overeat, make you gain weight, and buildup fat in your body especially around your waistline.

These include white bread, white rice, pizza dough, pasta, pastries, white flour, sweet desserts, and sugary drinks.

If you want to reduce body fat you must cut down on refined carbs.

Instead, you can go for unrefined whole grains like whole-wheat or multigrain bread, brown rice, barley, non-starchy vegetables like spinach, green beans, brussels sprouts, tomatoes, and legumes like kidney beans. You can go for nuts like cashews, peanuts, and walnuts, and you should consume fruits like apples, berries, citrus fruits, banana, and pear.

2. Follow a protein-rich diet

Protein-rich food

Consuming a protein-rich diet reduces the risk of body fat and especially belly fat. It helps in protecting the muscles and metabolism during weight loss.

The protein-rich foods make you feel fuller for a longer time and provide you with energy for a long time. It reduces your appetite and burns more body fat. It further reduces the calorie intake which has a direct impact on body fat.

Protein-rich diets also help in developing strength.

Some examples of protein-rich food include meat, seafood, egg, legumes, dairy products like milk, paneer, cheese, and curd. It also includes soya chunks.

If you are willing to reduce body fat you must start consuming a protein-rich diet.

3. Detoxifying drinks

Detoxifying drinks

The body tends to accumulate toxins from the intakes it has. These toxins harm the body by converting it into fats. This is why one should begin their day with the drinks that detoxify their body. These drinks cut the fat accumulated in the body and detoxifying the body which is further beneficial for skin and overall health.

The drinks made with ingredients like honey and hot water, lemon, and hot water help in cutting down the fat. As lemon is known to cut down the fat.

One should also consume green tea as it is a detoxifying drink that not only detoxifies the body but also increases the metabolism of the body which further has a direct effect on the reduction of body fat.

If you are willing to reduce body fat you should start your day with a glass of warm water mixed with lemon or honey or a cup of green tea which increases the metabolism of the body.

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4. Consuming healthier fats

Healthy fats

Yes, you read it right, increasing the consumption of healthier fats can help you reduce body fat. I know it sounds ironic that how consuming fat can help reduce body fat.

Fat makes the digestion process slower as fats are heavy to be digested. This will make you feel fuller for a long time, hence not making you overeat. If you eat less, you will tend to accumulate less fat over your body. You cannot cut down completely on fats as they are an essential requirement of the body. Healthier fats must be consumed in limited quantities to have the desired result.

But the thing is that you should consume healthy fats and not the unhealthy ones otherwise you would be accumulating even more body fat.

The healthier fats include Olive oil, avocados, nuts, coconut oil, seeds like chia seeds and flax seeds are healthy fats and are known to have a good effect in reducing body fat.

5. Exercise


Never enough emphasis can be laid on the effect exercising can have on reducing body fat. No diets can give hundred per cent results if proper exercising is not done.

One should perform cardio if they are willing to reduce body fats.

Common forms of cardio include walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, and fitness classes. These are the exercises one can easily do at their comfort level just simply by waking up early and going for a small run, or if you are talking on the phone then you may walk and use the phone. If you are going upstairs than instead of taking a lift go for stairs.

These small changes can make your life different and make you lose body fat. However, the results would highly depend on factors like the intensity of your exercise, the time you spend in doing cardio, your age, body composition, weight, overall daily activities, and the gender.

The cardio will make your fat loss process quicker than it would be if the only diet was to work.

These are all the simple and easy changes that you need to make in your life you want to reduce body fat. The major role in reducing body fat is to be played by the diet you take and the food you consume, exercising would just provide help to diet in reducing body fat by consuming the fats.

You don’t need to go anywhere now to reduce the body fat and simply make little changes to daily lives and achieve the desired result. The results might not be instant but surely there will some changes to watch. Inculcating these changes in your daily life will make you feel good from within inside and not only would affect body fat but also your skin and hair. You would get glowing skin and good hair.

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