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Tips For a nourished and healthy hair

Everyone wants long and healthy hair because hair increases the beauty of a person. So, here I am giving you some tips for healthy and long hair!

Tips For a nourished and healthy hair
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  • Wash Your Hair Frequently¬†

washing your hair is very important for healthy hair. Always wash your hair 2-3 times in a week. Its gives removes dirt and cleanse your hair and after washing you feel light and fresh. So, never skip this step.

  • Oiling to hair

oiling your hair gives nourishment to your hair and always oil your hair from roots and then give a good 2 3 minute massage to your hair. You can use various types of oil like Almond oil, Amla oil, jasmine oil, mustard oil etc. mustard oil is the best effective oil for your oil.

  • Avoid heating tools to your hair

heating tools like hair straightener, curler, crimper machine or any other styling tools they cause lots of damage to your hair. If you want to only use in fewer terms not use too much it always makes your hairs frizzy and damage for the long term.

  • Choose the right products

Always use the right products for your hair whether it’s for shampoo, conditioner, spray etc Always purchase your product after checking your hair type and hair quality and whats suits on them. And never do experiment your hair use only one and specific product on your hair which you are always using and never fall under fake products.

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  • Never too tightens your hair¬†

Never tie your hair too tight it leads to fall and breakage of hair. always treat you like you treat your face. hair is too gentle like your face. And by tightening your hair don’t get many nutrients and loses oxygen and oxygen is very important hair.

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