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Tips to lose belly fat- effective ways to reduce belly fat fast

An unhealthy lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits have brought on the light to problems of belly fat. Belly fat is excess of fat accumulated around the tummy area and sometimes around the waistline.

If your body has fat all over, it is natural to have fat around the tummy and abdominal area.

*Further in the article you are going to read about some tips to lose belly fat fast.

Everyone wants a toned body, where they don’t have to think twice before wearing anything. Belly fat has become a problem for everyone as it reduces the amount of confidence regarding their appearance. They also have to face social pressure as people are meant to look a certain way.

Not everyone had time and access to spend time in the gym and not everyone loves exercising. If you want to reduce belly fat, it is not rocket science. You can end up losing belly fat naturally.

Before knowing about the tips to lose belly fat, let’s know what are the causes of belly fat.


1. Inactive lifestyle

Inactive Lifestyle: Tips to lose belly fat

If you have an inactive lifestyle where you don’t indulge in a lot of physical activities, you don’t have time to workout or your work in the office can be done by simply sitting on a chair. You are prone to gathering belly fat.

2. Drinks/ alcohol

Alcohol - Tips to lose belly fat

If you indulge yourself in a lot of drinking or alcohol consumption, you will be inviting belly fat.

Drinking disturbs the functioning of your body, slowing down the metabolism and further leading to the accumulation of belly fat.

3. Hormonal imbalance

Harmonal Imbalance - Tips to lose belly fat

Hormones have control of your weight. As you grow in your age, you have certain changes in your body and hormones. After menopause, women are more likely to gather belly fat as the result of slowing down of metabolism.

4. Processed Carbs and food

Carbs Food - Tips to lose belly fat

Processed Carbs like white rice and white bread, doesn’t make you feel full for a long time and hence you end up eating more than required.

Processed foods like chips, fruit juices, and snack items have many preservatives added to increase the shelf life of the food item. These preservatives are harmful to the body and make you gather body fat or especially belly fat.

5. Sugar

Sugar - Tips To lose belly fat

If you intake a high level of sugar in any form be it in the form of tea, coffee, or drinks, it makes you gain weight. When you consume sugar you end up craving for even more sugar. This makes you gain weight and fat around the central region.

Some other causes of belly fat include eating disorders, PCOD, PCOS, thyroid, overeating, junk food, and unhealthy fats.

Losing belly fat is not as difficult as we think. It is just a matter of dedication. If you want to lose belly fat you just are required to make certain changes in your lifestyle. Once you adopt these changes, after some days these become habit.

Here are some tips to lose belly fat.

1. Detox

Drink plenty of water - Tips To Lose weight
The Best Of Health

The first thing you must do on waking up is to detox your body by having some drink that detoxifies your body from the toxins gathered in your body over the night. These toxins make you gain belly fat and slow down the metabolism.

You are required to consume warm water either plain or infused with lemon or honey. These both ingredients not only detoxifies the body but also increases the metabolism and are known to cut fact. This is a very useful tip for losing belly fat fast.

This habit will help a great deal in long run in making your skin look healthy and glowing.

2. Breakfast

You should never skip your breakfast even if you are in a hurry. If you skip breakfast you end up eating more during lunchtime. Eating more at a single type causes you to gain weight around the belly as during day time you don’t have much of the physical activities to perform.

Skipping breakfast also affects metabolism. It slows down the rate of metabolism. Not only this but also it has an effect on health as the body requires energy to perform tasks. This energy is drawn from food and the body has been in the state of fast all the while you were sleeping. That is why to get this energy you must have breakfast.

The breakfast should be rich in fibres as it makes you feel full for a longer time. You won’t feel hungry again and again. You must include some fresh fruits in your breakfast.

To reduce Belly fat, one must develop the habit of having breakfast in the morning.

3. Portion control 


People do a thing that they stop eating for losing weight or belly fat but this is not the right case. If you don’t eat at all you end up overeating later. That is why the thing you should do is consume your food like regularly just by limiting the portions.¬†

If you eat two chapattis during the lunch, limit the portion to one or one and a half. This at the end of the day will not make you feel hungry and also you would end up eating less. This is a really helpful and effective tip for losing belly fat.

4. Not only 3 meals

You should not limit your food consumption to just 3 meals a day. Instead, you should keep munching something in between these three main meals.

I know the statement is subject to arguments that how eating more times can help losing belly fat, but it does. If you consume something in between the main meals you would end up eating less during the main meals and you would finally not be accumulating any fat in the body and belly.

You are not to munch on unhealthy snacks like chocolates, chips, or oily snacks instead you are required to consume healthy snacks like protein bars, nuts, or green tea. These snacks are good for health and good for the body.

This tip is going to help you in losing belly fat in long run.

5. Move as much as possible

It means that you are required to indulge in some physical activities as much as possible. If you are going to someplace nearby, instead of taking any vehicle walk to the place. If going upstairs instead of taking the lift go for stairs. Talking to someone on call, instead of sitting and talking walk around and talk.

These little changes in your life can take you one step closer to losing belly fat fast and also closer to a healthy and active lifestyle. An inactive lifestyle also causes a lot of diseases and problems.

6.  Take care of dinner

Dinner should be the lightest meal of the day and if possible, it should be completed around the sunset. This is because you have a lot of time to get your food digested. Dinner should be as light like soup or salad. It is so because during the night you burn fewer calories and then you will be gathering belly fat. To avoid this you should eat light at night.

Also if you have a heavy dinner it is difficult to be digested as we are not going to perform any physical activity while sleeping and the next day you will be feeling heavy again. That’s why the dinner is meant to be lightest.

By following this tip you are surely going to reduce body fat.

7. Proper sleep

It is a proven fact that if you have a proper sleep, your metabolism improves. While sleeping you do burn certain calories.

Also if you don’t have a proper sleep you are to gather more body and belly fat then others. That’s why proper sleep is important for losing belly fat.

8. Sugary food

Avoid the consumption of food items that have a high level of sugar in them, like sweets, or tea, coffee with sugar. Also, the sweeteners which claim to be sugar-free need to be avoided. Fruit juices available in the market have added sugar to them and hence they should not be consumed.

The soda drinks available have a high content of sugar in them and consuming them can make you gain belly fat. Instead, if you want to drink something you can extract fresh juices of fruits at home or go for coconut water. Coconut water is way more healthy than soda drinks available.

9. Oily/processed food

Oily and processed food is unhealthy for the body. It also gives support to belly fat for gathering around. It is not good to eat fast food, junk food, oily food, and processed food. These all are difficult to be digested and hence they create a layer of fat and start showing up as belly fat.

If you want to lose belly fat, stop the consumption of oily food and processed food, if not stop, at least limit the consumption. You can have them once in a while by limiting the portion.

This tip must be followed to reduce Belly Fat fast.

10. Exercising

Not all of us love doing exercises, but losing belly fat without exercising is like next to impossible. If you want to lose belly fat you need to take some time out of your busy schedule and use it for exercises.

Exercising doesn’t mean that you need to pay heavy prices for a gym membership or go out of your comfort zone to do it. You can surely go to a gym, but you can simply perform some exercises at home.

If you don’t love exercises you can do anything that you like be it Zumba, aerobics, dance or any sport. The main thing to burn fat and calories, as far as the purpose is being served you can do anything you want.

Some exercises that can help you lose belly fat are mentioned below.

1. Cardio

HIIT Cardio Workout - Tips to lose belly fat

Cardio is one of the best forms of exercise when it comes to losing fat from the body. It involves running, walking, skipping, and any exercise that involves anaerobic and aerobic respiration.

People prefer some other form of exercises along with cardio like weight training.

2. Core exercises

Excercise - Tips to lose belly fat

All exercises that require core strengths like planks, crunches, reverse crunches, jackknives, Russian twists, heel touches, and cycling help you getting rid of belly fat and also are good ab exercises.

For these exercises you need not take out a whole lot of time, these can be performed just in 15-20 minutes.

3. Yoga

Yoga - Tips to lose belly fat

Yogasanas can help you lose belly fat. Certain asanas help you engage your core and help you losing belly fat. Performing these asanas not only helps you losing belly fat but also discarding other problems related to stomachs like improper digestion, constipation, and more.

Indulging Yourself in a certain form of exercise is great for removing belly fat and also leading a healthy life. It provides help in making you strong.

11. Never fall for sugar-free

If you are craving sugar and you see something made up of sugar-free just don’t fall for it. It is just the tag and you must check for the nutritive value and composition of the food item.

12. Protein

Tips to lose belly fat

You should increase the intake of protein as it helps in losing belly fat and getting abs. It makes you full for a longer time and you end up eating less. It helps in reducing belly fat but not muscle fat.

Increasing the protein content in your food is very important if you are aiming at losing belly fat. Some sources of protein are paneer, cheese, dairy products, soya chunks, egg, and more.


These were some of the tips for losing belly fat. You should apply these tips in your daily life and make them a habit. You would start seeing results in one or two weeks. These tips are not only helpful in losing belly fat but towards a healthy body and skin.

These small changes can make a huge difference in your life in the long run.

Losing belly fat is not only important for your physical health but also mental health and inner health. It helps you in getting back your confidence. You must follow the above tips to lose belly fat and get back to shape

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